Europe’s new energy vehicles has surpassed the United States?

China spent more than a decade the development of new energy vehicles, and market share for five consecutive years to achieve the world’s first.

But the late start this year in Europe, its new energy vehicle sales will soon surpass China.

this year, one to seven months, European new energy vehicle sales of 50 million units, while China is only 496,000, an increase of 52 percent in Europe, dropped by 44 percent.

Whenever the industry data is not ideal when there are many small partners began to suspect that the internal logic of the industry, or loss of confidence, or are we really will be in Europe beyond China yet?

clarify this issue, we need to look at what happened and why Europe capable of rapid growth, and policies related to Europe.

simply it is a big stick a carrot, forced promotion of new energy vehicles. The most severe

If you continue to develop fuel vehicles, it will face the history.

emissions penalties, if you produce new energy vehicles, hey there is a lot of subsidies to be so simple and crude.

Although sales figures in Europe will come up, but this growth is false.

we can see that from the perspective of product strength, the uneven quality of new energy vehicles in Europe, even less than 200 kilometers of this low life there are subsidies, European people are not afraid to experience to find that installed this trouble.

That car behind the new energy data in Europe many of which are make up the numbers, the number of talk about do not speak quality.

and make up the country we simply will not subsidize it.

China’s new energy vehicle market is transitioning from a barbaric growth phase of cohabitation to the development of high quality, so that the light from this point, Europe is far than not.

not to mention the core of new energy vehicles is the battery.

Europe has not been a complete electromagnetic supply chain.

upstream raw material is hard to find in Europe.

say that the country we now, this year, fell more large reason is because business users to engage in rental operations accounted for this year’s drastically reduced.

because of the epidemicWell relations, while the proportion of individual users it is elevated, it can reflect an improving product competitiveness.

so no need to worry that China’s new energy vehicle market will still be a world leader.