Engine technology strongest Japanese companies, Honda Is the residue by contrast, has never manufactured cars!

Speaking of Yamaha, I believe we are not unfamiliar, but Will first think of modeling handsome cool Yamaha motorcycle. In fact, not only in Yamaha motorcycle industry all-powerful, he was still the music industry, engine industry, and even the strength among the Automobile industry, it Is very high.

Although Yamaha do not manufacture Cars, but from Yamaha have technology and achievements in the professional field of view, even more than the overall strength of hIs Honda. Yamaha engine industry in particular, not only has a unique perspective, there Is a very sturdy R & D and production capacity.

Yamaha idea Is to use the least cost, manufacturing the strongest, most sturdy engine. Of course, Yamaha can do, and other Japanese companies Is not necessarily impossible, but whether other Japanese companies spend more on costs, financial or material resources Will be. So Yamaha has become, technical, research and development for the various Japanese companies, and even help some production and manufacturing.

only Yamaha development, manufacturing, and its LFA Lexus RC-T with a large dIsplacement engine; including V8 and V10 large dIsplacement volume of the engine Is limited by, from development to the drawings, there Is very large bearing the cylinder head and some other parts are the responsibility of the Yamaha and completed. There are now LFA’s acoustics, noIse aspect Is also Yamaha’s technical staff debugging.

WallWal XC90 V8 engine previously used, due to the volume of the problem led to the engine compartment space Is very small. Later, Yamaha Is also tailored to the appropriate XC90 V8 engine in the engine compartment to solve the problem of limited space, while also achieving the same effect of the original V8 engine, and so thIs specially tailored for the XC90 V8 engine has a longer service life.

Is now in New York Automobile Museum, the most vIsited every day many people 2.0L inline six-cylinder engine, also manufactured by Yamaha developed. The volume of thIs engine, as well as horsepower and torque have, in the early eighties of last century Is also very powerful.

Toyota’s models, Yamaha drawing from research to production but also provided him with a lot of help. Yamaha just do not produce Cars, in fact, with Yamaha’s strength, not production Is not because there Is no strength. Yamaha just more suitable for their field, as the field of piano, motorcycles, engines, better, stronger develop.