Engine Is the most expensive car parts? wrong! You must not think of the most expensive parts

in the family Car into our lives more and more, from tens of thousands to more than a million Cars, Automobile construction are very different, Is composed of many parts. Engine or gearbox Is usually the least expensive people think of Automobile parts, while the Car Is in fact the most terrible place of the body frame. ThIs presumably annoying up, the structure of the body Is the most expensive, Burnaby Big Three Car interiors and so on high value to what extent?

Part1. 10% of Car interiors

driving experience in Automotive interior experience and undoubtedly the most riding on important impact cases, accounting for about 10% of the total proportion of the Car. In a more terrible market competitiveness, many businessmen Will also be rich inside and enjoyable experience put on the critical idea. Whether wood interior, the choice of the cortex, or multimedia, instrument panel upgrade, even in air conditioning, and the windows of the design, we need to look at a limited cost was therefore 10% of thIs figure may be even higher in the future.

Part2. Driveline 10%

refers to the drive system power transmIssion system, the engine-generated power passed to the drive wheels. TransmIssion Is the most critical component of the engine drive system, thIs addition also includes a clutch, differential, reducer and so on. Usually said front and rear, that Is to say before and after the drive transmIssion system.

Part3. Engine 15%

engine Is the most central parts of the vehicle, engine technology Is the table on Automobiles mixed lies. As an important engine driving the Car point, due to the technical difficulty and technology alone, it has been a terrible cost to play. Furthermore, in addition to the engine itself, but also both the corresponding cooling, electrical, air-conditioning systems, etc., the proportion was correspondingly high.

Part4. Body structure 15%

The Automobile chassIs frame and computer motherboards, vital organs as important . In fact, more cost-body design on the manufacture, grossing a Car to attract the consumer marketThe first Is the appearance of a standard color values. And in addition to consider the appearance, Automotive interior and exterior architecture design Will also avoid the earthquake, the steering, the wind speed, uphill, space, etc. into account. ChassIs safety in the Car also has a very critical position.

to construct such a body in order to ensure adequate safety, the driver becomes pleasant journey. In addition, although the body frame to create a very powerful point, but it Is not easy to understand the extent of the work. Thus, accounting for 15% of the body frame Is normal.

Part5. Automotive electronic systems by 15%

in the Automotive industry, electronic systems can not be denied that.

ThIs electronic system direct control over a Car Is outstanding or extraordinary circumstances. Good Cars tend to have a good system, a message Will be driving a Car fast feedback, allowing the driver highly modern information technology. If the intention Is not enough in a normal Car electronic systems, lower costs, Will fall on the driving experience a lot of good Cars. ThIs Is the reason Why the electronic system so arrogant.

In addition, the Car’s profits are a direct impact on the value of the Car itself. On the Car itself, all speak very critical Automotive parts, in addition to the engine, in order from a long driving and riding experience in the purchase of Cars, other factors should also be taken into account.

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