Engine best five car brands, Japanese cars accounted for two, “made cars” only ranked No. 4

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engine best five Car brands, Japanese Cars accounted for 2, “domestic Car” ranked only fourth. When we look at the Car, in addition to see how it looks, but also consider its power. Engine Is a core of the Car, but very few Car companies Will go to concentrate on research engine, most Car companies are taking tires Street, South Street take the site, buy engines North Street, West Street Car shell imitation, it thIs level can come up a good Car? Today, we have to take stock of the engine under the best five brands, and Why a single pull out inventory engine? Because the engine Is too important. The importance of

Car engine:

engine we all know, it Is one of the Big Three Automobile, its exIstence like the same human heart, to power Cars. The role of the engine Is so big, it made engine which Car brand Is the best? We take a look.

First, Honda

Honda engine in the field can be said for a Car company can not be compared, United States a 1996 production of the Accord Will hit 1 million miles without overhaul the world record. Excellent performance Honda engine, making it long occupied Europe “the most reliable Car brand” title. Therefore, the Honda engine failure rate of 0.29% tops the lIst, that Is to say an average of 344 units a Honda engine appears to engine failure.

Second, Porsche

Porsche vIsibility Is high. In recent years, the Car Is not in the market to occupy a small place, it’s planning Is constantly expanding, of course, the quality of the Car Is inseparable from, especially in engine mass. Not only power strong, and very low failure rate. Now, thIs brand domestic and foreign, compared with other vehicle, Is a more advanced Car.

Third, Benz

As a peopleThe most well-known Automobile brand, Mercedes-Benz in the country, but enormous influence, Is the first batch of foreign Cars to domestic enterprIses, and its price range Is also very rich, to meet the needs of all kinds of people, in fact, can global markets had such good results, in addition to the appearance of luxury, stability and its engine technology it Is very leading.

Fourth, Volvo

Volvo brand tentatively regarded as a “domestic Car” it, before unknown, Li Shufu, Geely after the acquIsition, embarked on a pinnacle of life. The Car failure rate Is relatively low, only 0.90%, one of the Volvo brand selling point Is its safety performance. Since the focus of security experience, the engine Will naturally not bad to go, after an investigation, it’s a failure rate of about 0.9%, tested 111 products, there has been an engine failure, engine performance overall it Is still very the possible.

Fifth, Lexus

As we all know, Lexus Is Toyota’s premium brand, Toyota’s engine Is one of the best in the world, not to mention that Lexus, Lexus engines are very reliable, very low failure rate, though many turbocharged engines have been contemptuous Lexus naturally aspirated engine, however, have to say, the Japanese engine Is reliable, and fuel economy Is very high!

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