End drive a BMW X5, and Tiao Di Q7, who high level, the owner said in earnest feelings

Hello everyone, thIs article Will share with you “finIsh the BMW X5, and Tiao Di Q7, who high level, the owner said in earnest feelings.”

In the era of rapid economic development, the Automotive market inevitably a battle, the emergence of a lot of good models, like the birth of the BMW X5 and Audi Car like Q7. Today honored to Wang old driver, he was finIshed the BMW X5, and Tiao Di Q7, who high level, the owner said in earnest feelings. BMW X5 and Audi Q7 Who Is more cost-effective? Now, let’s lIsten to the owner of the Car experience together!

BMW X5 appearance of the atmosphere, the unique unique angel eyes. Sharp change of front, aggressive, angel eyes give it an air of dIsdain for the world, the tail in general. Headlights look good, the overall appearance of movement Is no lack of stable, high force grid. Domineering kidneys, eyes beautiful angel, ecstasy taillights, wheel style Is general, and back to it later.

look at the Audi Q7, the appearance feels relatively rigid. But style Is still very good-looking, the whole body smooth lines, the ass Is very full, I want Fan children. Lamp factory produced, out of a fine. Appearance of the atmosphere, the atmosphere of the hub 20, the increase in high chassIs, looks mighty.

into the Car, the BMW X5 interior not to mention beautiful, it was quite luxurious. Navigation big, big chicken. Interior work in general, not as good as the other two fine. My co-pilot Car air conditioning mouth abnormal sound, I do not know Why. Space Is good, after all, such a large Car. Enough space, the rear Is spacious. Storage box and can not be considered at the same level the most, but I can still pull a set of drums hold. I have no problem with the front 182 rear leg Is not very spacious floor can not take four man of medium height, the trunk can hold two children.

and the Audi Q7 has interior front Tucao too, and the overall design style Is outdated. But think about Rambo in control with the same self-comforting thought nothing of it. But the process Is quite sophIsticated, quite satIsfactory it. New Car smell does not play, go mountain occasional abnormal sound. A lot of space, very satIsfied, basically nothing not put into Eastoo. Sitting in the back room Is really small and uncomfortable, it might as Cars sit comfortably. Not much storage space, no place to put sunglasses, then hand out to block the Torah place to put the telephone. If 7, rear, can not put luggage, 7 to travel basically do not fly.

dynamic experience, the BMW X5 BMW handling indeed. Direction with the vehicle speed change can feel them more important, the directivity Is very good, almost no phantom, confidence. ChassIs tight, no loose feeling through certain Car Is very good. Brake particularly sensitive, if there Is an emergency situation not brake should not occur. Really good comfort, understanding the Car’s friends should know that thIs Car dangling there with only rear wheel, front wheel no. High-speed puncture words Will cause rolling, very dangerous. Sound insulation effect Is particularly good, the appearance Is more than the home found four pretty much. Open feeling very comfortable, chassIs ah ah seats are good, bad road can be a good way to go.

and the Audi Q7 body Is larger, but still very good control. Very good, in addition to off-road vehicles because of the high center of gravity of the Car Is not as confident cornering. Solid chassIs, feeling too pits and deceleration zone Is also good. Is a high-speed line and a little shake, high-speed crosswind words are more obvious. Too many comfortable than the sedan, and after a pit without pressure. Stiffer damping, off-road vehicles. Good sound insulation, sealing Q7’s been doing quite well. And the rear seats are not electric, but a key into good use, can be completely flat seat Is also very good.

Conclusion: I give the BMW X5 88 points, the Audi Q7 94 points, although I prefer the Audi Q7, but the horizontal comparIson, we found that BMW X5 and Audi Q7 price relatively high. People are not perfect, of course, the Car can not be absolutely perfect, except to say who Is more suitable for them. So, for the BMW X5, Audi Q7, if you optimIstic about it?