Elite choice for a whole new generation Volkswagen Bora car buying guide

Recently, the FAW – Volkswagen Bora whole new generation officially lIsted. Based on MQB A1 platform to build a new Car, while a whole new generation into the new Bora in addition to design elements, the body size has been further extended, and are equipped with 1.5L and 1.4T engines. The lIsting of the total launched eight configuration models, the price range of 11.28-15.98 yuan, so that in the end the new Car models most cost-effective configuration, the next article I Will be a detailed analysIs, looking at the configuration before us first a quick look at the new generation Bora.

FAW – Volkswagen new Bora lIsted price lIst

model price (million)

1.5L manual Avantgarde 11.28

1.5L type Automatic fashion 12.48

1.5L manual comfortable 12.48

1.5L Automatic comfort 13.68

1.5L Automatic elite 14.08

1.5 L of luxury Auto 14.88

280TSI Automatic elite 15.08

280TSI luxury Auto 15.98

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click on the map a brief review of Bora United States 17 years of many generations

August 2, 20013, Jetta FAW – Volkswagen factory assembly line, its arrival caused a sensation in the US Auto market, and the “driver’s Car” status, the Car driving pleasure brought home to ordinary people, but also to ordinary people know that the Car Is not only only means of transport, it can also open up interesting. Now after 17 years, after a number of Bora facelift and updating, the new generation Volkswagen Jetta finally equipped with the latest MQB-A1 platform came before us.

Car point

The mass latest MQB-A1 platform

1.4T dynamic performance Is still the same level of excellence in the forefront

new interior style compared to the old fashion

rear space Is not lost level Japanese with Cars

a new Car introduction

styling, the new generation Bora while retaining the family design language on the integration of more new design elements . Modeling and using sharp headlight group of the LED light source, simultaneously with the banner of formula integration of chrome grille, the Car also uses front surround the through design, which also makes new generation Bora front face shape looks more dynamic .

Interior new generation changes to Bora people feeling shines, toward the driver’s side of the center console design Is more easy to operate when driving, piano paint color decorative plate with silver trim underneath the mix to further enhance the sense of luxury interior. Is equipped with central control LCD screen dIsplay Is very clear, and provides a variety of features to choose from.

powertrain section MQB-A1-based platform to build new generation Bora, mounted respectively 1.5L 1.4T naturally aspirated engine and turbocharged engine. The maximum output powers are 85kW (116Ps) and 110kW (150Ps). TransmIssion parts, matching 5-speed manual, 7-speed and six-speed Automatic dual-clutch gearbox.

Although the minimum with fashion model, but in a safe configuration and There’s nothing mIssing, such as standard ESP electronic stability, hill assIst, tire pressure monitoring, rear parking radar, these are relatively major security configuration. And in order to traffic safety at night, the whole system comes standard with LED lights Everbright dIstance, which Is quite generous. But in terms of comfort and multimedia configuration it Is very shabby, but thIs configuration for those consumers on a budget, that was a good choice.

type fashion and comfort combined power only 1.5L models only , type configured on the basIs of fashion plus 12,000 yuan, Will be able to get comfort configuration. Overall, comfortable fashion compared to the configuration type lifting or big, extra electric sunroof, leather steering wheel, leather seats, seat lumbar support adjustment, front armrest, fog lights, cruIse control, side airbags and so very useful configuration, the budget Is not so tight friends, thIs Is the preferred configuration.

If you choose the 1.4T power a combination of models, belong to thIs elite combination of power entry configuration, while the 1.5L combination of power starting from the elite, only Automatic models available. So 1.5L Automatic comfort choose who only need to add 4000 yuan Will be able to Automatically upgrade to the elite, can take the initiative to get the brakes, keyless entry, Automatic air conditioning, rear air conditioning vent, consumers who choose a combined 1.5L power thIs four configurations plus 4000 yuan Is still very good value.


elite luxury upgrades, which are combined with the dynamic combination of power 1.5L 1.4T, the former of these two need to spend 8,000 yuan, The latter need to spend 9000 yuan. After the upgrade you can get the front of the parking radar, reverse image, 8 inches color screen in the control, the main electrically adjustable driver’s seat, rear armrest with cup holders, Automatic headlights, sensing wipers, leather seats, heated seats, etc. configuration, plus money from a single point of view, thIs upgrade Is worth it, but luxury models priced configuration has reached about 150,000 yuan price for an a-class Car, Is indeed not cheap .

Summary: Bora on the configuration only regret Is I think the only top models have 8 inches color screen, the rest of the configuration in addition to minimum with fashion model, available as an option. But the optional Car Will cost consumers an extra Car, so I feel that thIs configuration should be out beyond the minimum standard to be with, after all, the price Is not cheap Bora.

In addition to the lack of on-screen, I think the most recommended Is the elite configuration, thIs configuration Is basic enough for the average family. If I were to choose, I would choose 280TSI elite, priced at 150,800 yuan. The Car meets the requirements in the configuration, compared to 1.5L and 1.4T engine power to give more force. If your budget Is tight, I feel pretty good also choose comfort, the lowest allocation models do not consider, the price Is really low.