Electric Mustang there Is hope, as long as the battery problem, Will be able to perfect replica driving experience

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Ford recently announced a Mach-E models, but hanging in the Car Ford Mustang name electric Car Ford has caused the dIssatIsfaction of fans, so Ford could develop a satIsfactory electric version of the Mustang models do?

The answer Is yes, Ford in the 2020 SEMA exhibition Will show a 900-horsepower electric Car, which even with a six-speed manual transmIssion, demonstrated the speed from the Ford Mustang authentic experience. But the Car also belong to the scope of the concept Car, it Is still a little dIstance away from the actual production.

Although an electric version of the Mustang models there Is not much News, but Ford Is a senior engineer said that the Automotive industry can not avoid the outcome, sooner or later we Will see there have been so a Car.

The best evidence Is that countries gradually increasing support for electric vehicles, and even some countries have set a final date ban fuel vehicles. So in the future Auto market, the electric Car Will be the only legitimate sales models. But specific to thIs case, different Car manufacturers also have different views on thIs stay calm BMW, Honda to develop electric vehicles, and more focused on Toyota hybrid models.

and Ford also have electric vehicles and exploration efforts. 2019, the company announced plans to launch a gasoline-2020 – Drive electric hybrid system Mustang. But it did not dIsclose the specific details, so we know it Will adopt a conventional hybrid technology, or plug-in hybrid.

However, regardless of the use of hybrid forms, the classic Ford V8 engine Will not be lost, together with the improvements brought about motor performance, enhance the overall driving experience Is very large .

But if you want a pure electric version of the Mustang, then the hope Is not great in the short term, due to the imperfections of electric technology, Will be a vehicles classic Cars converted to electric steamDifficult Car than zero from the difficulty of development of electric vehicles Is much greater.

The main questions focused on adding battery packs to enhance motor vehicle weight, and high-performance models such as the Ford Mustang vehicle weight requirements are very strict, in order to perfect engraved Mustang driving experience for the problem of battery weight Is difficult to compromIse, even if forced to increase the electric Car battery pack and motor transformation, for those familiar with the fans, Will be a completely different driving experience.

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For Mustang fans, they are not a good electric vehicle requires, but a excellent electric Mustang, which Is the cause of controversy Mach-E. Prior to the current technology Is not perfect, no one can guarantee the Car manufacturer, a perfect replica models of fuel driving experience, but for the electrification of the reserve has never stopped, perhaps in the near future Will be able to see the electric version of the Mustang appeared .

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