Electric energy and you call yourself a new car? Hina The new solar car redefine the new energy!

electric energy and you call yourself a new Car? Hina The new solar Car redefine the new energy!

recent Auto market Is quickly replaced by new energy vehicles and new energy vehicles Will also be a trend, after all, go vehicle emIssions have polluted the air, making our lives the air quality Is getting worse, PM values ​​seriously overweight. The advent of new energy vehicles Will greatly improve the problem, but another question Is, charging pile enough? Charging large fees? Xiao Bian bring a new energy to everyone today vehicles, pure electric version of the Car in front of it would be Willing to call the new energy? Hina Group on the 2019 CES show in New York debut a solar electric Car Solar A, thIs Is the real new energy vehicles!

white lines permeate the entire body, very unique spoiler design, like the sea in a yacht fast-moving, dynamic. It Is worth mentioning that the Car in the main instrument panel dIsposed dIstal windshield solar wafers, and the instrument may be separately powered multimedia devices, so that the vehicle to maximize the use of solar energy.

plane of the small door untouched, all covered with a thin film solar cell. Han to Solar A using the conventional optical mirror, unique shape. Touches the lower positioning the other three models are used to replace the traditional camera mirror. Huge intake port mainly to increase the area of ​​the solar cell, a limited role in terms of aerodynamics and cooling.

Is very simple atmospheric interior styling, instrument panel, center console and the rear-view mirror are using the LCD, a conventional physical key little, onlyArranged in the center of a key start, double flash and shift lever knob. Seat relatively thick, encapsulated in comfort and have a good performance, comes with electrically adjustable lumbar support, and not because of sports Car design at the expense of comfort.

In addition, a whole Car equipped with solar cells, battery capacity of 40kWh, mileage up 420KM, wherein 0-100KM / H acceleration time 9.5S. I do not know to thIs solar Car What do you think? Is not feeling much more convenient than electric Cars, of course, also a lot of dIsadvantages, such as charging it for 5-6 hours to drive the Car around 80Km. What do you think below comments are welcome!

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