Electric cars were unsafe? That you did not see that several cars

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because it Is interested in new energy vehicles, so I’m often asked clutching problems, the most asked question Is, “do electric Car safety ? “I know the electric Car” black hIstory “a lot, but also a lot of online rumors. Electric Car in the end it safe? Look at the several won five-star safety assessment models talk about it.

Speaking of safety problems electric vehicles, have to say that several “fire.”

from foreign to domestic Volt Wal Landa BYD electric taxi from electric buses have had to Issue fire. However, these are not fire their own problems electric vehicles, fuel vehicles also exIst spontaneous combustion, collIsion fire.

then the electric Car caught fire so how are everyone’s attention? The reason Is that we do not trust the internal electric vehicle batteries.

Is the electric vehicle battery hundreds of various cell together, together with the battery management system, in the Car. A small cell phone battery can explode, not to mention there are so many cell Car?

high temperature, rain, collIsion, these cells can make every minute heroic martyrdom. Wait a minute, you say thIs really Is Car?

In fact, the electric Car’s battery before the factory after the crush, puncture, drop, vibration and other tests Will detect a short circuit in the case of whether the fire. So the battery pack Is not fragile as you might think, but electric Cars at the factory Will do a series of tests to ensure the safety.

These tests are not trust you? Then the third-party testing you always believe me. There are so several electric vehicles, which won praIse at home and abroad five-star safety rating agencies testing.

five-star safety crash tests electric vehicle model name star rating test of time Teng potential of electric vehicles C-NCAP 2014 Nian ★★★★★ NIssan Leaf NHTSA 2011 Nian Nian ★★★★★ E-NCAP 2012 ★★ ★★★ Renault ZOEE-NCAP 2013 Nian ★★★★★ Tesla Model SE-NCAP 2014 Nian Nian ★★★★★ ★★★★★ NHTSA 2015 love Card network tabulation www.xCar.com.cn

First, the Recommended models: Teng potential of electric vehicles

price (does not include subsidies): 369,000 yuan -43.28 ten thousand yuan(CNY)

models Comments: obtaining C-NCAP five-star rating Teng potential of electric vehicles, with German quality. A variety of practical security configuration also escort Car safety.

2014 Teng potential of electric vehicles in the US Automobile technology research center, conducted a series of C-NCAP test in accordance with the exIsting evaluation procedures, and ultimately get a score of 53.7, won the five-star rating.

the potential of electric vehicles Teng C-NCAP evaluation test items Score Score score positive 100% positive crash test crash test 40% 18.015.5 18.012.33 18.018.0 seat side impact test whiplash test 4.03 .9 bonus items to score first Total 62.053.7 love Card network tabulation www.xCar.com.cn

Teng potential of electric vehicles Is under 4.04.0 and BYD Daimler joint venture brands product, it uses a battery from BYD lithium iron phosphate battery.

aspects of BYD battery technology has entered the world. Teng potential battery electric vehicle designed ventilation valve, single cell when the pressure exceeds a certain amount of time, relief Will prevent the explosion of single cells. Further energy between the intelligent management system continuously monitoring the current and power system Teng lithium potential flow, ensure event of an accident, the lithium battery Will be dIsconnected Automatically and quickly to a safe dIscharge voltage in a critical state. Lithium aluminum group protected by a sturdy frame structure, and Is mounted under the vehicle body, the whole body Is the most secure site.

Teng potential of electric vehicles in terms of active safety configuration Is very rich. Fujia wide standard primary airbags, front and rear head airbags and front side airbags, vehicle stability control system (the ESP), tire pressure monitoring.

Teng potential GLS model comes with front and rear parking radar and reverse image, directly behind the removal of common perspective, there Will be monitoring the situation right rear, comprehensive protection for Car safety .

Teng potential from the development of electric vehicles are in the minority on the electric-centric electric vehicle,ThIs Is from the design can also be seen.

systemic technological sense concentrated in the front, large-area horizontal pull chrome bar, drop-shaped Logo. Although the market for many years, but thIs design Is not too out of date.

body size

Proton potential of electric vehicles Is 4642mm × 1850mm × 1642mm, the wheelbase Is reached 2880mm, to ensure ample internal space.

Teng potential interior design, extensive use of soft material adhering to the German work strict, very fine.

Dynamic data, Teng potential of the electric vehicle equipped with a maximum power of 86kW motor pure top speed of 150km / h, the maximum torque of 290Nm.

At present 400 new lIstings Teng potential electric vehicle battery capacity of 62kWh, mileage of 352km.

Proton has four potential electric vehicle charging mode: 220V household power charging; public charging pile; ABB dedicated charging cabinet may be filled with less than 3h; commercial super charging cabinet, i.e., less than 1h the vehicle can be filled with electricity.

most of the United States five-star safety: Teng potential of electric vehicles

Second, the recommended models: NIssan Leaf

price (does not include subsidies): 210,000 yuan -25.2 Wan yuan (prices overseas)

comments models: global sales of electric vehicles Wang, also one of the earliest electric Cars get five-star safety evaluation. Practical, economic, and environmental protection Is a magic weapon to dominate it.

NIssan LEAF in early 2011 Day Test (NCAP) were obtained in five-star crash safety evaluation of new Cars in the collIsion on US Highway Traffic Safety AdminIstration (NHTSA), when NIssan LEAF Is the first Car won thIs winning pure electric vehicles.

in the frontal crash test, the NHTSA simulated accidents during the day to yield Leaf speed of about 56km h / hit a fixed obstacle. NHTSA score in the NIssan LEAF passenger windmill head, chest, thigh three positions were given the highest rating. In addition, NIssan Leaf also in the side and rear-end crash tests and other projectsAchieved good performance.

NIssan Leaf in the European new Car assessment system Safety Association 2012 (E-NCAP), but also received a five-star rating.

NIssan Leaf has a number of high profile, standard NIssan airbag system (ABBS): two-stage front airbags, side airbags and front auxiliary top curtain side balloon.

Further, NIssan Leaf also equipped vehicle dynamic control system and traction control systems to ensure driving safety of the vehicle.

It Is worth mentioning that the first production of NIssan Leaf also comes with a set of “pedestrian warning” system. Then just out of electric vehicles, electric vehicles because many people complain about no engine roar, pedestrian difficult to detect. So NIssan Leaf match a system that can take the initiative to Issue a warning sound to alert pedestrians, it would be a measure of pedestrian protection bar.

Although the NIssan Leaf Is not the United States thIs new energy “super” on the market, but it still scored 2016 more than 50,000 vehicles sold, to become the world’s most popular electric Car in.

NIssan Leaf Is a five-seat hatchback, the exterior looks and NIssan Tiida very similar. It Is reported that the newest NIssan Leaf Will usher in a relatively large change in appearance.

2010 NIssan Leaf lIsted cancel large grille, the front Logo charging port design, aerodynamics and many details, thIs may be the NIssan Leaf over the years has maintained a high sales secret weapon.

In recent years NIssan Leaf after replacement, but the design and dimensions of the body and has not changed much, NIssan Leaf body size of 4445mm × 1770mm × 1550mm, wheelbase reached 2700mm, thIs compact-class model with data similar.

NIssan Leaf’s interior and its own sense of technology consIstent, digital dashboard dIsplay, chic Dangba are highlights.

2016 NIssan LEAF Will replace the previous 24kWh battery pack 30kWh battery pack, and also enhance the mileage to 172km.

Although the five-star evaluation NIssan Leaf Is not sold in the US, but its twin brother Kai Chen Morrowind has fared wind and water in the country.

Kai Chen Morrowind domestic official price of 242,800 yuan -26.18 million, the same platform for the production of Morrowind almost Kai Chen NIssan Leaf engraved version, only in a little bit different in appearance and configuration.

Maximum motor power Kai Chen Morrowind mounted to 80kW, the maximum torque of 254Nm, can reach a maximum speed 145km / h.

The first five-star safety: NIssan Leaf

Third, the recommended models: the Renault ZOE

price (does not include subsidies): 120,400 yuan -19.23 million (prices overseas)

model highlights: cute eye-catching styling, mileage of nearly 400km spike a public domestic electric “scooter.”

2013 European New Car Association has a small Renault’s electric vehicle test, the final Car to get five-star safety assessment total score of 82 points, it Is the Renault ZOE.

Although Renault ZOE Is a small Car, but it’s the safety factor Is not low. Renault ZOE equipped with two front airbags, front seat cushion airbags and seat belt pretensioners and belt force limiter to provide security protection for the front passenger in the event of a crash.

the application of innovative R & D Fix4sure Renault technology Renault ZOE, can effectively prevent the vehicle in the event of a frontal collIsion, the passenger fell out of the seat belt.

both sides of the Car in general, Is the weakest part of the whole vehicle protection, vehicle side collIsion more likely cause fatal injuries. Thus Renault ZOE specially equipped with two side collIsion detection sensor, according to the severity of the collIsion, the rapid adjustment of the pop-up speed of the head and thorax side airbags, the maximum protection of the occupant.

in terms of pedestrian safety, Renault ZOE unique design of the engine cover, crumple zones may be formed between the top of the engine and the engine, capable of absorbing energy, reduce pedestrian injury caused.

Security configuration, ZOE standard cruIse control system, seatbelt reminder system and an electronic stability control (ESC) configurations.

Renault ZOE debut in the 2005 Geneva Motor Show, and American consumers meet at the 2010 New York International Auto Show, cute styling Suddenly smoke powder countless. 2012 Renault at the Geneva Motor Show has officially released thIs pure electric Car production version. Until now, however, we American consumers did not trust to it.

2016 ParIs Motor Show, Renault ZOE ushered in the 2019 models, but its appearance still go lovely route, vehicle lines, round and full, dotted with pale blue detail, young atmosphere Pumian Come.

Renault ZOE body size of 4084mm × 1730mm 1562mm ×, wheelbase 2588mm, a typical small Car body.

interior design and exterior styling has been, while highlighting the young avant-garde sense of technology.

2019, paragraph

Renault ZOE Is used in LG company new battery, ZOE conditions in the European cycle test the highest mileage of more than 400km.

Reynolds provides three ZEO charging, household power required 6-8h; charging capability, can achieve only 10min 60km Mileage fast charge to battery 30min You can reach half; the third embodiment Is in the form of electrical change.

five-star safety in Europe: Renault ZOE

Fourth, the Recommended models: Tesla MODEL S

price (does not include the subsidy): 68.89 ten thousand yuan(CNY) -131.52 ten thousand yuan(CNY)

comments models: “benchmarking” of electric vehicles, it’s every safety rating Will cause “crowd”, the best vehicle should also be the safest.

Tesla MODEL S outstanding performance in the European new Car new Car Safety Association 2014 crash tests (E-NCAP) and 2015 National Highway Traffic Safety AdminIstration (NHTSA) crash test, won the five-starLevel collIsion safety evaluation.

Tesla MODEL S electric Car industry has always been a “benchmark” because of its many technical applications and aggressive marketing strategies to make unprecedented attention models.

Tesla using Panasonic battery NCR 18650 cobalt lithium battery, in order to ensure the safety of the battery, Tesla developed a sophIsticated battery management system. It Is equipped with the battery blocks to each sensor and fuse, when an accident occurs, and each block can be immediately cut off the main power supply, to ensure the safety of the battery.

Tesla battery pack outer package material of a nickel-chromium alloy also be employed to help better cool the battery pack at a higher current output.

battery safety, and also Tesla body structure to ensure safety. Unlike traditional steel Car body, the main body made of aluminum alloy Model S to build, so that the vehicle body along with the MODEL S excellent vehicle occupant protection performance and handling performance.

Further, since there Is no conventional engine components, the foregoing Tesla Model S luggage compartment can act as a buffer, absorbing maximally at the vehicle frontal collIsion impact energy effectively protect the safety of the cockpit personnel.

Standard security Tesla MODEL S configuration comprIsing: eight airbags, electronic stability control (the ESC), traction control system and a lane departure warning system.

Tesla MODEL S Autopilot hardware comprIses an ultrasonic sensor 12, the front camera, radar and high-precIsion CNC front electronic brake booster, able to perceive the situation around the vehicle in the range of about 5m to further enhance active safety of the vehicle.

As a Tesla MODEL S electric sedan, its image has long been deeply rooted.

MODEL S Tesla bold grille analog canceled, leaving only the black decorative hollow. Door handle design also makes the Car look emphasizing technological avant-garde at the same time highlighting the flow of beauty.

MODEL S Tesla bodyA size of 4970mm × 1964mm × 1445mm, wheelbase 2960mm.

Tesla MODEL S’s interior continues the advanced design concepts, simplify the interior design of the center console canceled, replaced by a powerful 17 inches touch screen.

at the entry-level Tesla MODEL S MODEL S 60, for example, the maximum power Is 284.8kW, maximum torque of 525Nm motor allows 2100kg of MODEL S 60 kilometers acceleration only by 5.8s. Equipped with a 60kWh battery MODEL S 60, filled with a battery life mileage of 372km.

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) recently publIshed a report on several new energy vehicles in the crash test, Tesla MODEL S did not get TOP SAFETY PICK +, that Is, the highest safety evaluation.

The reason Is that 25% of Tesla MODEL S frontal offset crash test and did not receive test headlight excellent evaluation. 25% 25% frontal offset crash test, because of poor webbing bound, dummy body from moving too far forward, such that the head hits the steering wheel through the airbag, and the dummy sensor indicates the process the right leg may be injured. According to thIs response Tesla, it has to communicate with the IIHS, aspects of tied belt, light irradiation angle of MODEL S Will participate in the test and re-adjusted.

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) Is the world’s most authoritative standard Is the most stringent third-party vehicle safety testing organization, these tests are more stringent than the average crash test conditions, the angle Is more tricky.

increasing test items and test difficulty evaluation system, mainly in order to restore the vehicle after the accident the most realIstic situation. In fact, E-NCAP and C-NCAP improved every year, in order to provide consumers with better crash safety authority index. Five year only represent the past, present hope of electric Car manufacturers can improve the lot of the safety performance of vehicles, to provide consumers with protection.

Comments: As TECHNOLOGYSurgery and matures rapidly changing technological innovation, five-star safety assessment system Will continue to improve. Safety performance of electric vehicles can not be ignored, in the hope that the major manufacturers of electric Car Care subsidies, sales at the same time, all the time and can be constantly updated security configuration vehicle, Will star in the end.

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