Each auto parts replacement cycle Is how? See see it all here!

Car when the Car Is actually maintenance cycle to replace the parts that point in time, such as oil filters, tires, batteries, as these components run the Car gradually consumed, lose their original function, loss of or reduce the protective effect of the Car, must be periodically replaced. Depending on the conditions and materials used, the replacement cycle are quite different. The following were analyzed.

1, oil

Oil Is the highest appearance rate of a fluid, its role Is the engine lubrication and clean. Usually a mineral oil replacement cycle Is 5000 km, semi-synthetic replacement cycle of 7500 km, the whole synthetic replacement cycle 10,000 km. And coupled with the impact of the environment down the road determined. If you frequently travel on the kind of bumpy, dusty or very congested roads, it would suggest that you be shortened replacement cycle oil.

2, oil filter element

Function oil filter Is to filter the oil in the dust, metal ions, precipitate , soot particles and other impurities, to ensure purity of the lubricating oil, to extend the use of time, to protect the engine. Generally they are following oil change together.

3, the air filter

There Is no doubt Is to filter impurities in the air Is supplied to the engine more clean air. Usually five thousand kilometers do maintenance, ten thousand kilometers replace. If you are in areas where the air quality Is poor, dusty sand large if the proposed shortening the replacement cycle.

4, fuel filter

fuel filter Is to play a major role in the removal of impurities in the gasoline. Generally divided into built-in and external type. External generally 20,000 km to conduct a replacement, built-in general, then can be used to replace only 40,000 km.

5, conditioned by filtration

AirTune name suggests Is filtered air into the cab of the filter, functions to maintain air cleaning and drying effects of the vehicle. Its replacement cycle Is also a local air condition varies, generally are replaced every 10,000 km.

6, the transmIssion oil

major role The transmIssion lubricating oil and clean the transmIssion (the shift lever Is that it ), the transmIssion Is divided into manual and Automatic transmIssions. TransmIssion oil generally 60,000 km replacement, at a predetermined cycle depending on the manufacturer.

7, antifreeze

Is antifreeze cooling effect to the engine in order to perform the role and the role of antifreeze. Generally 2 years or driving away to be replaced when 40,000 km.

8, the brake oil

the brake oil pressure of the liquid Is transferred in the brake hydraulic brake system media brake oil generally have a water absorption, it Is generally used for 2 years or 40,000 km to replace. If the local weather Is often more humid then proposed to shorten the replacement cycle.

9, steering oil

Car steering assIst working oil Is the liquid medium in turning, seldom replacement, unless your Car direction a big problem.

10, brake pads

Is the braking system brakes the final actuators, Is related to a traffic safety Is an important component, the quality of brake pads to the brake system plays a decIsive role. In any case it must be replaced when the brake pads if the thickness Is generally less than 3 mm, in particular periods vary. After all, everyone’s driving habits are different.

11, the spark plug

The maximum effect of the spark plug Is “spark.” Spark for igniting the mixed gas cylinder. Automobile spark plugs are material into nickel alloy (copper NormalCore), the spark plug platinum (Pt) and iridium plug 3 species. Its life cycle Is 30,000 km or 50,000 km, there are some models may reach as much as 100,000 km. If use Is appropriate to shorten the cylinder direct injection engine a spark plug would make replacement cycle.

12, tire

The importance of tires do not have to say more, just as a person’s foot the same. Its replacement cycle Is generally four years or 80,000 kilometers. If the tire surface cracks appear, even if the journey did not meet specified number of years or, for safety reasons or to be replaced. If the tire tread depth Is less than 1.6mm, or reaches the tire tread wear indicator should be replaced.

13 battery

secondary battery as a main power supply of the Car, the replacement cycle of the use case to case, the battery can use a general 3–5 years now.

14, engine timing belt

timing belt Is an important part of the engine valve train, he role Is to maintain the valve and pIston “sync” operation role. The Car Is moving process if the belt breaks, then the engine Will be a major mechanical accident, and therefore must be specified replacement cycle to replace the timing belt. Generally speaking for the first time replacement Is 60,000 kilometers, followed by once changed every 40,000 km.

These components are Cars on the Automobiles on the way inevitably consumables. These components directly linked to how the quality of the reliability and safety of the Car phase. When we choose these parts, be sure to choose a regular, quality assurance big brands, do not use cheap, poor quality products, in order to avoid irreparable damage or personal safety of the Car.