Dry Cleaning original there are so many benefits! Friends address him: After selecting the car wash laundry!

Car wash Is one of the important measures for our Car paint conservation, it Is also the easiest method for vehicle maintenance, Car washing method Is increasing but we Will be more entangled in the Car wash, Car dry cleaning for a good Car ? Many riders are more entangled in the Car wash, small series to help us analyze some common sense in thIs Car dry-cleaning today.

Dry Cleaning, water Is simply not, only the Car cleaning agent on the Car paint surface clean, can not only clean up the paint surface dirt, but also to paint a Car conservation, as the Car before the first dry water do not like to finIsh before it can protect the Car, the Car Will allow us to quickly dry cleaning the Car paint to clean up, especially with a Car wash paint dry in cold weather when the dirt Is more convenient, but also save us time.

Dry Cleaning benefits: saving water, we ordinary Car washing must be to use a lot of water, in the winter time Fortunately, we still less water, but in the summer when we definitely have to use some more water, for fear of Car paint clean-up Is not very clean, and dry cleaning can be a good Car to avoid thIs problem, in particular, some of the more dry areas, may well ease the water problem, at least not because of lack of water can not be timely for Car paint conservation and clean up.

no effect on the paint, dry cleaner Car belonging to neutral, the problem many owners worry we Will not take place, especially for corrosion paint Is certainly not happening, neutral detergent let owners use more assured, do not worry about corrosion of Car paint.

a full range of integrated functions, we usually washing when the Car paint are generally to be waxing, polIshing glaze, do these two steps on the premIse that to be done at the finIsh, but also takes time, Car dry cleaning allows us to omit many intermediate stepsSuddenly, for the cleaning and maintenance as well as Car paint polIsh both can be completed in one step, saving us a lot of time.

form a protective film to protect the paint, Automobile dry cleaners in addition to make our Car paint cleaner, but also in the clean-up Car dirt generated when a protective film to protect our paint from damage, but also more practical, if not thIs layer of protective film Car we have a greater chance of corrosion, often also lead us to the Car wash. Reducing the life of the Car paint.

Dry Cleaning Is not limited to an Automobile paint, Automotive dry cleaner can clean not only Automotive paints, Automotive also windshield, sunroof, seats, center console clean, riders Will not let us buy a lot of detergent to clean these sites, saving us time also allows us to achieve better results.

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