Dressed in the cloak of high-tech toys? ! Millet Is a car to collect intelligence taxes?

do not want Auto technology companies Is not a good technology company, in addition to Apple’s Huawei, millet into the pit!

In November last year, with FAW Car Co., Ltd. millet Group signed a cooperation agreement, both sides Will Carry out in-depth cooperation based on the amount produced in artificial intelligence, intelligent devices, networking and other areas of common to promote the research and application of network technology vehicle.

In April thIs year, the official arrival of thIs cooperation, equipped with small millet love AI technology Pentium rice T77 customized version of the Car officially lIsted, priced at between 12.48-13.58 million.

Now, the millet in turn open crowdfunding Is a customized version of the Pentium T77 rice. It can be seen, the degree of the Car body center millet.

Internet users ridicule thIs: first Car for young people really come!

then we Will take a look, millet AI technology in the Automotive blessing of what exIsts.

Pentium T77 rice customized version: Small students love Is the biggest bright spot

It Is reported that the Pentium T77 rice customized version, the biggest with the ordinary version differences Is the integration of the students love small voice assIstant, and equipped with 3D holographic imaging system, support for characters to interact with the voice and vIsion, and also supports image customization content.

It Is also expensive than the regular version of the Pentium main reason for T77 customized version of rice, regular version sells for 89,800 yuan from.

T77 Pentium rice customized version of the standard Is the appearance of a compact SUV design, the front face of light and shadow Carving style pioneer hexagonal front grille styling and + 90 digital raindrop design, vehicle You can not look stunning, but also quite satIsfactory.

In the configuration, a customized version of rice T77 Pentium 1.2L turbo engine equipped with a six-speed transmIssion MT. Which maximum horsepower 143Ps, maximum power of 105kW, maximum torque of 204Nm.

we can see, millet in the Car with Apple has chosen Huawei as the road, starting from the on-board system, but such a rapid introduction of millet Car, seemingly not very black technology.

ThIs Is so because the Pentium rice T77 customized version of the above students Is more like a small love high-tech toys dressed in coat, does not have full functionality.

As we all know, technology companies incoming fundamental purpose of the Automotive industry Is the use of high-tech to the traditional intelligent Car, that intelligent driving, intelligent Internet, smart energy, intelligent network linking cloud services.

but at thIs stage of millet to do just a little love students Will implant Automotive systems, some basic features voice control of the Car, for example, make a little love students play songs, open navigation, simple air-conditioning and the like.

function and the students love the small features on the phone Is repeated, if the consumer because thIs function to spend tens of thousands to buy such a Car, To tell the truth Is not worth it, after all, the future of the Car Is intelligent.

It also exposed the strategic layout of millet in the Car: the Car to be able to connect to itself as a platform for the Internet of Things intelligent hardware products.

nature of the Automotive sector millet incoming realize the Car home Internet

In 2013, Lei Jun seeing things Is the next future development outlet when it Is redoubling its efforts to open up the ecological chain millet plan.

From 2014, millet series of nine patent applications and vehicle-related start, millet has been incorporated into the Car of Things ecosystem program.

and millet was also applied for a device control method and device patent entitled, practical application of thIs patent Is to replace the Car keys by using a smart bracelet or unlock your smartphone vehicle, start the engine and so on.

In view of thIs, millet had already booked the direction of development in the Automotive sector, but now Is the time matured to the stage floor plans.

After all, in terms of things in the last year, millet IoT platform has become the world’s largest intelligent hardware platform, access to more than 800 kinds of intelligent hardware, networking equipment more than 100 million units, more than 1,000 daily active devices million units.

millet IoT platform for the formation of ecological closed loop, little love students naturally become the control center, whether it Is present on the smart phone or smart speaker, small love students We have an absolute position.

Is now settled in the Car, but also let the Car and smart home One way to achieve interoperability of Bale.

But six years ago, the idea of ​​millet, Apple and Huawei now trying to become intelligent strategy under the Car, somewhat marginalized, Is not conducive to long-term development.

Apple’s focus in the Automotive sector Is to develop Automatic driving systems and sensing hardware, just fit the current Car circle fad – Autopilot.

Huawei Is committed to providing intelligent transportation solutions for the Car companies, the focus Is positioning chip, networks, platforms and other infrastructure, help partners build a relatively complete ecosystem.

simply say that, in the future Autopilot capabilities of electric vehicles, in addition to the chassIs, four wheels, seat shell and the rest are owned by Huawei technology.