Domestic version of the electric Smart? Zero-run car T03 Spy Shots

A few days ago, one of the new forces zero run Car repairer latest models, T03 real vehicle road test spy photos. Car uses the zero-run electric T platform to build, positioning positioning four four micro-electric vehicles, integrated operating condition of life of more than 300km, according to previous zero-run plan Will be available by the end of 2020.

T03 zero run gentle appearance, and the front headlights of the net are relatively simple design, and overall profile group headlamps Mercedes-Benz Smart looks and there are more similarities.

There are a Car body color hollow front grille, or a part of the air cooling system, also can be seen surrounded by a millimeter wave radar system for driving assIstance . S01 T03 rear with zero run the same set of EnglIsh brand identity, tail shape Is very stable, simple polygon design.

As can be seen from the side of the Car body size which Is not large, rim size Is small, a large proportion of the window presumably also for practicality design.

we can see a full liquid suspension instrumentation, as well as in the control of large-size screen interior. There are also exquIsite air conditioning vents, a leather-wrapped multifunction steering wheel, leather seats, and so on.

there Is no obvious shift lever configuration diagram, T03 or guess Wye block design. It Is reported that the new Car Will be equipped with zero-zero-run Car cloud system, smart ADAS functions.

from T03 basic information previously released by the Car ran zero point of view, the new Car Will be powered by a permanent magnet synchronous motor, the front axle or the mileage of up to 300km, in addition to market Is expected to T03 after the main face of timeshare leases, net of about vehicle market, as well as young urban population, the three / four-wire urban users.

Not long ago the end of June, the Car ran zero to start the delivery of the first model S01, Is expected to complete delivery of Task 1 million units during the year. Recently, the zero run Is completed A-2 round of the capital increase, the fund vehicle in Jinhua them a total of 360 million yuan(CNY)(CNY) ofCapital increase.

However, thIs basic control of UOB shares alone repairer of new forces (the top three shareholders are UOB shares, vice president of UOB chairman Fuli Quan, Da Hua Zhu Jiang Ming), requires a significant qualitative and speed. Sword easy road S01 unable to complete the task of large-scale lay user, thIs “hit the face” Smart T03 Is also not zero run and lay a reputation in the industry. I believe that zero run next product C-More or more points, then how to run a zero tone of the brand, maybe it Will be determined.