Domestic engine necessarily bad? ThIs five domestic rival Honda engine

Introduction: The engine does not have to power surge, nor how advanced the technology required, for consumers, we pay more attention to fuel-efficient engine capacity and reliability. Once chatted engine, you first reaction Is Honda. After all, focus on the field of engine Honda has a good attainments, and today we are going to talk about the development of own-brand engine, in fact, from the reliability and dynamic performance, our independent engine has reached a new height.

The first Is the Great Wall of self-developed engine, the early 1.5T engine has a problem of poor low torque, so that consumers often-criticized, many consumers believe that thIs 1.5T engine fuel consumption large, it Is not true, because the great Wall Is the best-selling H6, and coupled with 1.5T engines of Harvard H6 seems small horse-drawn Carts. So fuel consumption slightly, but equipped with a low-power version of the C50 1.5T engines, regardless of performance or power consumption performance can be satIsfactory. Of course, the Great Wall brand new stage 1.5T direct injection engine perfect upgrade, maximum horsepower 169ps, maximum torque of 285N ยท m / 1400-3000rpm, such data Is perfect.

three generations of the Chery brand new engine, the engine had to say Chery self-talk, first and foremost reliability, no doubt, millions of Chery passenger vehicles are equipped with its own engine Chery, Chery in U.S. there are several major engine production base, the annual export volume amounted to hundreds of thousands more. Ai Ruize 5, 7 Tiggo Is equipped with 1.5T engine Is given a 10-year one million km warranty. From the Chery engine architecture, the three generations of the most excellent 1.6T engine, maximum horsepower 190ps, maximum torque of 275 Nm to soar, from the reliability, dynamic performance, it has long been comparable to Europe and America.

blue core power SAIC, SAIC past two years can be described as deep plowing power system, developed blue core, green core power systems, Will limit independent of the engine to a new height, and technically also been some breakthroughs, based on previous direct injection, upgraded cylinder direct injection in the home. To play a greater performance of the fuel, further reducing vehicle fuel consumption to ensure the power output at the same time. Roewe 1.0T I6 equipped with three-cylinder engine that sets a maximum horsepower 125ps, maximum torque of 170 Nm, small dIsplacement three-cylinder engineModel.

Trumpchi 1.3T, from the actual driving experience GS4 we can see, Chi Chuan dynamic performance worthy of thIs 1.3T engine thumbs up, thIs Is one of the few small-dIsplacement engine Is mounted on the SUV, in the absence of direct injection technology under the blessing, you can still get plenty of power. Of course, thanks to its wide steam intake and exhaust system and optimized combustion, although thIs Is less 1.3T engine models installed, but now fairly good reputation, excellent counted on independent engine.

Geely 1.3T, the same small-dIsplacement engine, Geely thIs Is also worth mentioning, after Geely after a professional optimization, smaller operating noIse thIs engine, though power slightly less output and fuel consumption control, but NVH control at a relatively good level, sitting in a small Car noIse, and reliability of thIs engine Is relatively stable. The key Is thIs 1.3T engine installed in vehicle prices are relatively cheap, real value for money products.