Domestic car brand Daquan RV Reference

domestic Car brand Daquan RV Reference

At present the domestic Car market in the initial and rapid development stage, more and more began to accept RV traveling by Car thIs way, the Car manufacturers have also spotted thIs market, have launched their own Car brands and models.

domestic housing Car market Is divided into imported motorhomes and American brands of U.S.-made Car, the US Car market Is booming, a lot of RV raw manufacturers and tuning house also sprung up gradually emerged. There are a small number of modified RV.

Today, a collection of current domestic cat king room Car market Car brands, Car brands and do simple instructions describe, so you want to buy a Car may be a reference .

Great Wall view all the RV

look at all the RV Is Great Wall Motor only RV strategy partners, continuing more than a decade of Great Wall Motor RV R & D results and production technology, production of special chassIs Great Wall RV RV products.

look at all the RV products are laid all the Wingle C-Car series, Saila Wei C-RV, trailer RV, etc., look at all the Wingle RV series 12 consecutive years of domestic sales ahead, and exported to America, Australia, Japan, South Korea and other countries and regions, the US Car industry sales of leading brands.

transit RV

transit under the New York Zhongtian RV investment management Limited; focus Car from 2001, the US Car flagship brand, Is the earliest in the production room, with a special vehicle R & D capabilities of manufacturers. In 2001 the first American Car with a self-propelled Car off the assembly line completely independent intellectual property rights, the United States did not completely break their own R & D living in Cars hIstory, marking a hIstoric leap American EnterprIse independent innovation capability.

the annual production capacity of 6,000 units, more than a dozenOver the years, transit Car has won widespread praIse from all sectors of society, always adhere to the transit business development strategy establIshed enterprIse technology, and up to now has been made Zhongtian RV patented invention in the field of nearly a hundred items, the highest in the industry leading position.


Jiangxi Jiangling Motors Group Caravans Ltd. was establIshed in July 16, 2010, Is part of Jiangling Motors Group, the nature of business: Sino-foreign joint ventures, the regIstered capital: 20 million yuan(CNY)(CNY);

corporate creed: uphold the “original modified” design philosophy, the introduction of foreign advanced Automotive philosophy of life, to lead the mIssion of the United States national Automobile consumption concept, insIsts on being “the most outstanding Motorhomes company.”

Morgan RV

SAIC Chase Automobile Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “SAIC Chase “), New York Automotive Group Co., Ltd. Is a wholly-owned subsidiary, the company now has SAIC and LDV MAXUS Chase two brands, has a production base in Wuxi, V80 and G10 two main production platform products, in 2019, Wuxi base Will collinear production of pickups and SUV products, annual production capacity Will reach 20 million units scale.

as SAIC’s international Car brand, SAIC Chase MAXUS 4 consecutive years of rapid growth in sales of products to the Ambassador-class quality, many services in APEC and other international high-end business activities.

dream trip RV Shandong dream trip Touring Car Co., Ltd. was founded in 2012, first proposed “let RV into the mass family” concept, the use of several domestic top pickup chassIs launched the “dream Tour Car” brand, it Is referred to as the “dream Tour” .

In 2014, Shandong dream trip RoomVehicle Co., Ltd. to “create a pickup Car first national brand” strategy, in order to enlarge and strengthen the professionalization of management in the field of Car pickup driven, market-oriented, rapid response to the individual needs of the domestic Car, creating more people convenience, comfort, safety, welfare of RV travel and living environment, truly “let the public into the family Car.”

Mo Di RV

Zhejiang Rui wild special vehicles Ltd. Is dedicated to producing high-end off-road Car business, the use of imported European cross-country truck chassIs modifications, the Car with superior off-road performance, can pass under advantageous, rugged road conditions.

Rui wild Car sound internal living conditions, a strong supply of equipment Carrying capacity, for those who need to access in remote areas, communication, work, group term life provides the most modern conditions ; it allows the former to those of ordinary vehicle can not overcome the harsh natural environment Is no longer a barrier to people travel.

Kailunbinwei RV

Kailunbinwei Car, Bing Chengyu bus pass advanced technologies and processes, through the introduction of foreign advanced Car design, combined with people habits, the success achieved perfect unity product availability, reliability, comfort and safety. Currently, Kailunbinwei Car has covered self-propelled Type A, B, C-type and trailer, vehicles continue to meet customer demand.

east Norikaze RV

Dongfeng Dongfeng Yufeng Yufeng commercial vehicles under Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd., the European light-off characterIstics of its various aspects of body size and power, can meet passenger, freight, business reception and other diversified customer needs.

Dongfeng Yufeng Is the first R & D of Dongfeng shares of European high-end lightPassengers, on behalf of domestic light passenger Car brand, relying on Dongfeng years of accumulated manufacturing process technology and brand heritage gene.

Binshi shield RV

Bin Shi shield (B├╝rstner) Is one of the largest Car manufacturers in the world motorhomes and RV trailer. The company’s products work fine, safe, durable, affordable, has a high reputation in the RV customer base.

Bin Shi Shield headquarters in the Rhine region of Germany. Bin Shi Shield (burstner) company trade, product development, production, logIstics centers and service centers. Binshi shield RV America Is the US dIstributor of the German Touring Car brand Buerstner. German Binshi shield imported Car-based, has a unique, strong European flavor.

Central European Car

Central European Automobile manufactured Car in Central Automobile Research Institute and the German Mercedes-Benz, the German Heim companies work together to jointly design the crystal Is manufactured in Germany Mercedes-Benz Sprinter latest technology developed on the basIs of the Car, its coat Is completely part adhering to humane Germany Heim (Germany specialized Car manufacturers) design and superb manufacturing process.

In order to meet the lifestyle and aesthetic taste of the Americans, the EU Car even had to ask professionals in interior design, truly for the people to build a tailor-made on the wheel of a warm and comfortable Home!

IWILL International Touring Car

IWILL international Touring Car Co., Ltd. was establIshed in 2011 to import foreign-related products as the leading leIsure industry, help local governments develop new international tourIsm projects to promote tourIsm throughout the industry, the United States opened up a new world of new green recreational sports.

IWill countryInter RV motorhomes have been introduced including, the highest market share in Europe Hao He Hobby, and its high-end sub-brand Fendt Fendt. The company after four years of development, has become the domestic Car industry leader, as a dIstributor of building with many provinces across the dIstribution network, with the most perfect after-sale housing security system dealers in the industry.

Northern RV

Off-road vehicle in northern New York Co., Ltd. (referred to as living in the company), a subsidiary of New York North vehicle Group. North Vehicle Group, part of the US North Industries Group Corporation, Is the focus of the military security of large state-owned enterprIses, the State armored vehicle development and production of key enterprIses, but also luxury tourIst bus designated production enterprIses.

lived in the company’s main products include: RV trailer, truck racing, Car doors and windows, awnings, RV components, passenger Car and passenger seat tent. RV trailer which include five series of more than a dozen varieties; RV windows and doors, awnings, RV components, passenger Car passenger seat and tents also have more than one series of several varieties.

Adi Yafang vehicle

a Diya inception Is Europe’s leading professional Car manufacturers, the main production RV and mobile homes, when the company was founded in 1965, the first saloon Car – a Diya 375 manufactured in Slovenia. Adi Yafang Car to strict space quality control and innovative design into all RV products, provide active leIsure, with endless possible in a limited space, on the go more fun to know yourself, find yourself!

2014 Motorhomes global market leader brand A Diya (ADRIA) entered the United States, Brilliance Auto Trading International (Dalian) Co., Ltd. as its exclusive dIstributor in the United States zone.

Nova RV

Jiangsu New Star Chinese Automobile Co., Ltd. was establIshed in 2014, it Is a young and energetic Car and special vehicles converted enterprIses, companies from a number of special vehicles such as RVs and conversion industry elite joint preparations for the establIshment. now has motorhomes and trailer RV independent R & D and manufacturing capabilities, the company’s technology team for many years in Europe and America RV in-depth learning and thinking, develop a product type It relates to a self-propelled type A, B, C-type RV, trailer camping Car and the special commercial vehicles.


Star line on Hainan Automobile Co., Ltd. to focus on, imports of high-end commercial vehicle market expansion, the US Department of luxury modified Car manufacturer PREMIER MOTORCOACH COMPANY produced PREMIER “business Star” series of high-end commercial vehicle dIstributor in the Asia-Pacific region, and by GM export IFS authorized the dIstribution of imported vehicles formal, enjoy the original quality assurance. Relying on the leading maintenance equipment and technology and constantly improve the logIstics network, combined with rigorous training certification mechanIsm, GMC Meixing Huatong has always been committed to providing a high standard for your after-sales service services so that your peace of mind.

in addition to the Mercedes-Benz saloon Cars, Iveco Cars, Ford motorhomes and so on brands, more Car brands are appear, as well as some foreign Car brands are also gradually introduce, in the future we optional Car brand Will become more abundant.

US Car industry Is still in its infancy, although the rapid development of thIs industry Is obvious to all, on the current actual situation Is still a niche market, so the Car service, experience, facilities, RV camps, etc. are not perfect, buy RVs need more timeMore consideration to the reliability of the Car, the current data word RV few, in addition to brand influence, but on the value of the Car need to find more information to understand the next can reference. I wIsh everyone to choose a safe, reliable, comfortable Car, become their own mobile life basIs for protection. Docked harbor

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