Domestic auto decoration and design

a long time ago in thIs world there Is no Car, walk to work are all human beings he won cycling, now the world due to the development of human progress with the Car, commuting very easy on humans.

1 Classification Overview


exterior vehicles, primarily for Automotive top covers, window, and other parts around the wheel body and decorated. The main content: (1) special spraying Car paint decoration. (2) color of the decorative and protective film. (3) into the rear fender front decorative panel chilly. (4) opening a skylight roof. (5) decorative Automobile windshield. (6) surrounded by large body decoration. (7) local decorative body. (8) Decorative wheel. (9) of the chassIs protection spray decoration. (10) a chassIs with a decorative LED lamp.


Is for Automotive interior decorated general has solar film, floor covering, floor mats , trunk mats, seat covers, cushion, the sets, ornaments, perfume seat, armrest, etc., look at your specific needs. ThIs and decorate a house. have any questions, please explore alone. Kathrine nunnery see below point data add my friend. Consult each other, and common progress.

2 using the tool

First, the universal tool The universal tool with a hand hammer, screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches and the like. (a) hand hammer hand hammer, a hammer and a handle consIsting of . 0.25 kg weight with a hammer, 0.5 kg, 0.75 kg, 1 kg, etc.. Hammerhead shape with a square head and round. The lever Is made of hardwood, length Is generally 320 to 350 mm. (ii) driver screwdriver (also known as a screwdriver), Is used minus screw tightening tool or loosening a band. points wooden handle screwdriver screwdriver, screwdriver mandrel, clamp screwdriver handle, and an eccentric screwdriver cross screwdriver. screwdriver specifications (MinIster pole) points: 50 mm, 65 mm, 75 mm, 100 mm, 125 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm, 250 mm, 300 mm and 350 mm so are several. Since the use of midnight, driver requirements should be flush end edge, and Is consIstent with the width of the screw groove, no oil on the screwdriver. Let bead from fully consIstent with the screw groove, the center line of the screwdriver and screw concentric to the center line, twIsting screwdriver, the screw can be screwed or unscrewed.

(c) Pliers many types of pliers, Auto repair and pliers used two kinds of needle-nose pliers. 1, pliers: gripping hand flat or cylindrical parts with the cutting edge may be a metal. In use, wipe the oil on the forceps, in order to avoid slipping during operation. The clipped part, and then cut twIsted or bent; clamped when large parts, amplifying the jaws. Threaded bolts or nuts can not turn with pliers. 2, needle nose pliers: means for holding the parts in a narrow place. (iv) wrench for folding edges with bolts and nuts . Automotive repair commonly used open-end wrench, box wrench, socket wrench, adjustable wrench, torque wrenches, pipe wrenches and special wrench. 1 spanner: opening width6 to 24 have 6 mm, 8 two kinds. Folding means generally applicable to standard bolts and nuts. 2, spanner: for off loading of 5 to 27 mm bolts or nuts. Each wrench has six and eight two kinds. Plum two handles like a sleeve, with a 12 angle, can trap bolt or nut head, without slipping during operation. Some bolts and nuts restricted ambient conditions, plum pull Is particularly applicable. 3, socket wrench: each has 13, 17, 24 three. Folding means suitable for some places due to the position of bolts and nuts are limited, can not work in a common wrench. When loaded bolt or nut off, may need to use different sleeve and handle. 4, an adjustable wrench: the degree of opening of such a wrench can be freely adjusted for irregular bolt or nut. In use, the jaws should be adjusted to a bolt or nut from the opposite side of the same width, and make close contact, so that the movable jaw wrench receiving thrust, the fixed jaw in tension. wrench length of 100 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm, 250 mm, 300 mm, 375 mm, 450 mm, 600 mm several. 5, torque wrenches: mating sleeve for tightening the bolt or nut. Automotive repair torque wrench Is indIspensable, such as a head bolt, crankshaft bearing bolts or the like are required to use the fastening torque wrench. Torque wrench Auto repair use its torque of 2881 Newton meters. 6, special wrench: or, said ratchet wrench should be used with the socket wrench. Usually a bolt or nut tightening or removal in a narrow place, it may not be able to change the angle of the wrench or detachably mounting bolts or nuts.

Operating Method 3

Stress material “substances derived material properties, geometry dependence and born “at the time of repair of the vehicle body, the vehicle body must pay attention to the accuracy of each memberAnd make the greatest ability to recover its original shape. Restore full shape to achieve the original performance, maintain a complete shape Is one of the original Car the size of a standard frontline service technicians all know, tens of thousands of Automotive OEM data can not all be included in a particular device inside the library, however, in the absence of the original database, we Will not be able to work to repair a Car accident it? of course the answer Is no. in fact, the so-called original Is a sum of the data line by the designer to draw out the measurement, not inherently present, the key lies in body repair original size and shape of the recovery member.

4 optional method

1, from the viewpoint of fuel economy, Is directly proportional to vehicle weight and fuel consumption, i.e., the greater the weight of Automobile fuel consumption, the use of relatively poor economy. Small Car weight for each additional 40 kg to more than 1% of fuel consumption, but since the major Car has good stability under braking and sharp turns advantage of the situation, “floating Car” phenomenon Is unlikely to occur.

2, different drive a good and bad. Such as off-road vehicles, front and rear wheels are the driving force, traction, through strong, high adhesion. Stability, and transmIssion of the vehicle body than the sedan thick steel plate, off-road suitable safety factor, but the weight, fuel economy Is poor.

3, Automatic Car does not save money, Automatic transmIssion equipped with an Automatic control device, the driving gear can be Automatically adjusted according to the vehicle speed, without manual operation, eliminating the need for many shift and Tacai clutch of work, the downside Is that expensive, high maintenance costs, and the fare to use than a manual transmIssion oil.