Do car since the media, for large values ​​of drag racing, more and more Why I agree with?

presumably interested in the small Car partner more or less seen the Car evaluation program, which has a file called “big drag racing”, still little known in the Automotive industry, based on the characterIstics scrap based, Kaka Ka, various demolition! The most recent four or five years have seen the Car evaluation program, there are hundreds if not thousands, while in mortal beings, eventually “big drag racing” values ​​more agree.

especially when their own Car since the media, the values ​​of the “big drag racing” increasingly agree, Why say so? (in thIs case Is part of a test drive evaluation accounted for 25%, subjective part 100 people have 100 kinds of opinions, 75% from scrap part, and thIs part Is relatively objective)

“big drag racing” values ​​

the rIse of the Internet led to a new industry: from the media. Since the media have mushroomed like a Car free growth, and now evaluating the Car from the media, not ten thousand there are thousands, and as large as 70 to 95 after a small, readily available, with users of the words Is: Now what people dare for the Car.

Cars from the media, not ten thousand there are thousands of

from the media to do the Car for two years now, people know the Car assessment the idea Is subjective Will directly affect the judgment of a Car, such as Car critics what their Car brand, the brand for the next model Will be more or less corresponding points, when the evaluation Will inevitably subconscious Automatically to skip or smooth; a bad impression of a domestic Car brand, write articles, shoot out the video there Is definitely a part of the offset, these are not to be avoided.

before the Auto industry circulated a picture, the picture Is the engine compartment two domestic Cars, also are used to cover the engine compartment seal tightly , Car critics say independent models a do just to please the consumer, there Is no actual functional significance; Autonomous brand B, but it Is a rare kind of conscience, I can not find thIs picture, and who can send the message area .

tightly wrapped nacelle

KeePo Chun 560 have had just lIsted, and the brightest Automotive media people have to go test drive evaluation, Dayton praIse, saying that the light of domestic products, and even some excitement from the verge of tears, somewhere, in a word almost certain: its own brand Cars Finally self-reliance, finally stood up, and the fact ah Car problems exposed more and more, and finally announced the shutdown of three years on the market, however, the Car suddenly critic circles loss for words.

Baojun 560

The reason Why a lot of Car evaluation program too obvious subjective point of view, I think there are two objective reasons, first entry low barriers to entry, there Is no entrance exam, the only condition Is 18 years of age; the second Is the Car evaluation, unlike the length, width, as there are specific units of measurement; to what extent gearbox frustrated, in control modeling, Automotive air-conditioning does not cool cool good quality paint Is not good, whether the seat comfort, can only be a subjective language output, have you seen contending. If you want to buy a Car, and more to test drive 4S shop, to follow hIs heart right.

Radio | Car critics evaluation of your decIsion to purchase a large influence you?

quite large



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