Do automotive air conditioning maintenance, air conditioning repair Magical additives

Automotive air conditioning system maintenance Is often overlooked most of the owners. In general, the Automotive air conditioning system to work about five years Will gradually aging, the cooling efficiency drops, the wind Is not strong. Manufacturers and 4S shop owners were often organized Automotive air conditioning testing and maintenance work. But if you want to do some maintenance work yourself, then the market some Car air conditioning repair (maintenance) additive Is your good helper.

How it works:

These additives can enhance the Automotive air-conditioning compressor seal, reduce wear and reduce noIse improve work efficiency of the compressor, help to significantly reduce internal friction and air conditioning increased tightness, and enhance the cooling effect of the air conditioning inside the Car as well as the functional parts to play higher efficiency, and in order to achieve extended the purpose Automotive air conditioning service life.

as well as the Automotive supplies market price of about $ 400 air-conditioning system additive package, Will be able to Automotive air conditioning maintenance, cleaning and refrigeration strengthen by the owners themselves, etc. ThIs product Is a series of processes.

The main effect:

1 after addition repair agent, can reduce the air conditioning outlet temperature 2 ~ 5 ℃, improve the air conditioning cooling effect [. .

2 compression air conditioning reduced friction, reduced compressor load 15 to 23%; reduce wear, extend the life of air conditioning 2x

3. elimination of the wear of the compressor a different sound

4. 10% fuel savings, reducing the cost of Car use.

Some owners Will additive flon refrigerant in the Car, when a hot day in summer, the refrigerant flon excessive, Will cause the high pressure gauge, the engine Will be Issued as a thunder shock, and sometimes appear boil phenomenon.

said master maintenance, mainly because part of the smaller engine power and aging equipment. Opens air conditioning, air-conditioning compressor driven by the engine can not be overloaded; if forced to continue to use air conditioners, Automobiles Will exacerbate the loss, the worst caseIt Will likely cause the Car ignition. He therefore suggested that in case such a situation should be properly related to the use of additives Automotive air conditioning products.