DIskin also suspended, and Why Germany for “lying” mass ton of bricks?

Recently, the long silence of the Volkswagen Group “exhaust” incident to upgrade again. According to Bloomberg News, German prosecutors opened thIs month 24 charges against Volkswagen CEO Herbert Meredith (Herbert Diess), while there were allegations former chief executive Martin Winterkorn (Martin Winterkorn) and chairman of the board Dodge (Hans Dieter Poetsch), on charges of alleged market manipulation.

According to the indictment, the reasons of three executives were “adverse impacts” that failed to inform the “tail” incident to investors financial impact, then thIs lawyer Volkswagen also Issued a statement, Meredith said in a statement in July 2015 to join Volkswagen, the financial impact was “tail gate” for not having brought predictability, the statement further DIskin said that Volkswagen Will continue as CEO and Will continue to use all means to defend himself. According to Reuters, the Volkswagen “tail gate” incident escalation, Volkswagen Board of Directors has convened an emergency meeting to dIscuss the possibility of being sued and current CEO Judith future trial.

The allegations bring dIsaster to executives Is not a sudden move, before that, in April, the German 布劳恩施威格 (Braunschweig) prosecutors to prosecute former CEO Winterkorn and three other Volkswagen executives, because the alleged consumer fraud. A series of prosecution for Volkswagen executives are tortured Volkswagen Group, Volkswagen seems thIs appeared very confident, hIs spokesman said: “For the last four years, Volkswagen with the help of expert lawyers at home and abroad, has been to diesel scandal conducted a detailed survey, but the results it Is clear that many simply baseless allegations. “

but it Is undeniable,” dIscharge door ” still plagued by the Volkswagen Group, which Volkswagen has just released a new corporate strategy Is concerned, not a good thing. Shortly after the end of the Frankfurt Motor Show, Volkswagen Group vigorously promote electrification strategy. “How can we save the world for our children?”(What can we actually left for our future generations?) Tortured soul that leads to the Volkswagen Group four years to think about the answer, and after the transition are determined to find the answer electrification.

According to the plan of Volkswagen official point of view, to 2023, the Volkswagen Group Will invest in electric, digital, mobile travel services and Autopilot field of about 440 million euros, against electric travel investment of 30 billion euros by 2025, the team lineup in the Volkswagen Group Is expected to occupy a quarter of the electric Car “country.”

For the transition of power, the Volkswagen Group’s performance very emboldened, DIss in an interview with APP’s Automotive headlines when he said: “From the internal combustion engine, the electric steering change driven power system, although a lot of work needs to be done, you need to make a lot of investment, need to master new capabilities, need to have new skills and understanding of vehicle production, however, which Is already in the Auto industry go through a series of transformation easiest one. “

At the same time, DIskin also reveal a further breakthrough in the transition process,” the business model Is past, Car manufacturers as a wholesaler to wholesale Car to the dealer, the dealer go to manage and maintain customer relations as the retail sectors. but in the new era, customers Will establIsh direct contact with the Car prices through various means voice, e-mail, instant messaging, etc., which the biggest change Is that we have to consider, that the new transformation and challenges require us to have a new set of skills. “

Clearly, with practice and electrification , as well as built The new service system, customer relationship and concept of operations and so on, in-depth change by the Volkswagen Group being outside and within the Volkswagen Group in transition key nodes.

The same Is true in the US public. Currently, the US Auto market Is at winter, feel insecure, companies are trying to study the US market, well versed in the US market for the general public as a leader and also nose to the grindstone, DIskin has said to the United States at least once a month, every time, at least until the last 2-3 days. For the progress of electrification strategy in U.S., Volkswagen Group digital Car service and head of ChrIstian Senger also said that in the digitalThe aspect, the Volkswagen Group Is under way with the US Internet giant work closely maintained cooperative relations between the public and Alibaba, Google, and Tencent also actively allied with the United States battery manufacturers in the battery, including the large battery supplier Ningde era .

thIs moment, once dusty “dIscharge door” once again become the Volkswagen Group executives head a “time bomb.” ThIs may mean that, active layout electrification strategy of the Volkswagen Group, have opened the door to the era of electrification of the cross “dIscharge door” in the process.