Didi travel Zaiyu enemies? Audi car turned out no one to share!

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nowadays Audi mobile travel strategy refresh network News exposure, not only officially unveiled the Autopilot Aicon models in U.S., while also proposed to share the Audi 2030 the proportion Will exceed 30%, and gradually complete the transition from travel vehicle manufacturing company to a mobile platform, especially no one shared Car turned out to be a fatal threat Will travel by bit;

1 Audi Car Autopilot stunning debut?

According to media broke the News dIsplay, the Audi brand in the June 2019 summit, held in New York, the Autopilot models Aicon stunning debut, it Will be the world’s first fully Automated driving achieve L5 stage the concept Car, set of fully Automated, electric and highly interconnected whole, not in the traditional sense of the interior cockpit, a 2 + 2 seating layout, each seat can be rotated 15 degrees to meet the rest of passengers, phone meeting and watch movies and other multi-dimensional requirements, while using four electric motor driven, maximum mileage up to 800 kilometers, Will become the benchmark for the future Audi models (ThIs article belongs to the original, cat, as the Car starter, reproduced please specify) ;

2, Audi Car sharing ratio Will exceed 30%?

In the industry view, Audi has launched Autopilot models Aicon, its fundamental purpose Is to spy on mobile travel market, as general manager of FAW Audi Sales DivIsion, said at the press conference Dan Botao Audi Is not only an Automobile manufacturer, Is a technology company, Will set the industry benchmark in the following three areas:

one Is the digital field, through the establIshment of digital ecosystems myAudi open transition from Car manufacturers to high-end digital Car company; the other for the Autopilot field, based on the Audi Aicon have a long journey rest function, build and launch the first Autopilot team; Third mobile field trips, launched “Audi on demand “mobile travel services, plans 2030 Audi Car sharing ratio Will exceed 30% (ThIs article Is part original, cat, as the Car starter, reproduced please specify);

3, no Car sharing spike drops?

Since the merger bit Uber United States, seem to monopolize the US network about the Car market, but under the impact of the New Deal of the net about Cars, survival drops C2C Car sharing mode but to collapse, had to transition to asset-heavy services B2C Direct mode, but faced with the rIsk of insufficient supply source Car, had to resort to other traditional FAW Car company;

However, the traditional Car companies have long known that bit platform exclusive rIsk of the user and traffic, so they Will not only Automobile manufacturing data shared by bit, but just pieces of it as new Car sales channels, but also through cooperation Will be in the name of after stealing the divIsion operating experience to the internet by bit, quietly layout of the network about sharing and Car rental business in an attempt to achieve the vehicle manufacturing mobile travel platform transition;

in addition, traditional Car company Tesla Is quietly learning to strive to Automobile manufacturing, Autopilot and taxi services integrate destroy the taxi industry fundamentally, naturally higher dimension fight against internet travel platform, Audi Car sharing service Is the case, it Will become a rival to be reckoned with drops of travel (ThIs article Is part original, cat, as the Car starter, reproduced please specify) future;