Dialogue Haima Motor Zhang Huiwen: 2025 full realization of electric product layout

frenzied media attention “Guangdong” Ming! 2020 New York Auto show opened as scheduled, ox-site network Dialogue booth Haima Automobile Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager, Power Research Institute president Zhang Huiwen, Premier Chang expressed, “HAIMA BOOST BLUE Deep Blue Power” ThIs has three meanings, strong power, saving energy and reducing row, smart, and it Is, in essence, also represents an electrification strategy. At the same time, the hippocampus products Will be fully realized electrification in 2025.

(Haima Automobile Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager, Power Research Institute president Zhang Huiwen)

The following Is an interview with Record:

oxCart network: frenzied media attention Yueming, Hello, everyone! Welcome to the New York Auto show interview between oxCart network, and now we are invited to Haima Motor Co., Ltd., deputy general manager, Zhang Huiwen Academy president power. Premier Chang, with you say hello!

Zhang Huiwen: Hello everyone!

oxCart Network: Premier Chang, the New York Auto show Haima Motor has brought several products? What are the highlights? What are the highlights? Give us a brief introduction.

Zhang Huiwen: the hippocampus Car thIs time we participate in the New York Auto show’s theme Is strong momentum, Internet, power Is strong positioning of our product development, Internet in the hippocampus Is a pioneer in Internet Direct selling Cars one, we now have newly developed products are sold on the Internet. ThIs time the show we have three products, two vehicles and an engine. The first vehicle Is the rIsing star, the hippocampus 8S, which Is a strong power of smart SUV, the Car equipped with our dark blue 1.6TGDI engine, thIs engine has just won the honor “American Heart” Ten Best Engines of .

8S product hippocampus has three hard core characterIstics, namely, strong power, one hundred kilometers acceleration time of just 7.8 seconds, bring extraordinary driving experience. The second Is intelligence, there are eight voice. Third Is service, for customers 8S, with a specialized service, called eight service system.

The second product Is 7X the hippocampus, located in a “two-child” family Car, Seven are its characterIstics, its wheelbase of 2860mm, the third-row seat Is very comfortable. 7 Is expressed 7, X says that the properties have the Internet. Internet property has three meanings, the first Is to create a direct Internet sales; the second Is that it has been collecting a lot of customer feedback in the design of the time, online and offline, and then put these opinions and suggestions are reflected in the development process of our products in ; third Is and Jingdong cooperation, citing the Jingdong Car + interconnect system, therefore, X genes with the Internet. At the same time, the Car Will also be equipped with our top ten engines, it can provide a strong and stable performance, fuel consumption Is also very good liquidity.

oxCart Network: Internet Direct selling price of the hippocampus Car sales have not played a positive role, just two-eleven just shortly past, how the hippocampus Car performance?

Zhang Kuaiwen: double eleven or very good results, in Jingdong sales, sales, Jingdong dIscharged first. I have to say, the Internet direct sales outlook Is still very broad, although still in the primary stage of development now, may have its problems, constantly improving, but its prospects are bright.

Internet Direct selling features first predetermined vehicle speed, the vehicle fixed line, the line PDI. The second Is price transparency, price, do not bargain. In addition, the Internet Is also particularly fast pace of lending, a key review of lending, saving a lot of time cost. Overall customer experience Will be very good.

oxCart Network: You said “HAIMA BOOST BLUE Deep Blue Power” technology roadmap, could you brief us about the advantages of thIs technology route it?

Zhang Huiwen: I literally start to explain, “HAIMA BOOST BLUE Deep Blue Power” in EnglIsh, we call HAIMA BOOST BLUE, which has three meanings. We first talk BOOST, that represents powerful, with our brand positioning Is fit. BLUE indicates that it Is energy conservation, development of all of our products are based on “HAIMA BOOST BLUE Deep Blue Power” engine. The third says it Is smart, dark blue Is the five elements, Is a combination of five products, engine, electrical appliances, electrical, electronicPool, electronic control, so it Is smart.

Thus, the literal meaning of the blue, to indicate a strong power, energy saving, intelligent. And it Is, in essence, also represents an electrification strategy. One dark blue core technology lies in its high-efficiency engines. Deep Blue has two engines, one Is 1.2T, a Is 1.6T, 1.2T engine Is mainly used in the hybrid model, 1.6T mainly used in traditional fuel vehicles, as well as electrical and mechanical mixing system. Through these, the hippocampus can be achieved HEV, PHEV, a variety of motorized layout, thus ensuring our products are basically full realization of electrification in 2025.

oxCart Network: So the future of new energy sources Will become the focus of the hippocampus Car development effort, so you can understand it?

Zhang Huiwen: ThIs Is basically right, I’ll do a little supplement. I’m talking about motorized Pan-motorized concept, not a pure electric Car, it contains pure electric vehicles, but also contains a hybrid PHEV plug-in, also includes hybrid HEV, have a pure electric elements, a content not pure. Pure internal combustion engine after 2025 to be very difficult, very difficult to simply relying on thIs to meet customer demand, because electric competition Is fierce.

oxCart Network: now to the end of the year, you help us about the hippocampus Group further in the next year or some future product planning?

Zhang Huiwen: product planning, I would like to be divided into short, medium and long-term three levels. Short term next year, the year after, Is a facelift 8S, and the second Is that next year we launched 7X, Is the “two-child” seven models, the third quarter of next year we lIsted our PHEV plug-in hybrid. We Will make PHEV models of various models short term. The long-term strategy, new energy Is the development direction of the hippocampus, a hybrid we can be understood as a transition period, but thIs transitional period can be very long, so we say that the short-term electric + hybrid, long-term possible the full realization of the product pure electric layout of strategic planning .

oxCart net: Well, here are today’s interview, Thank you!

Zhang Kuaiwen: Thank you!


Source: OXCART network