Di spend 30,000 to buy a Mercedes-Benz C200, and friends say: they repaired earn 120,000

Speaking of a used Car, I believe many people are not familiar, because everywhere around the used Car market, indicating that the used Car has been accepted, and now mainly a lot of used Car price range, the cheapest may be a few thousand dollars can buy, especially in more than a decade old Car, but thIs Car fineness generally not very good, people buy thIs Car did not Care, because most of them are practiced hand to buy back, or for other uses, but in any case, be sure to check to buy a used Car Is good, because it Is easy to buy a used Car Car accident. Not long ago, Xiao Bian di spent 30,000 to buy a Mercedes-Benz C200, and friends said he also repaired earn 120,000.

me di 40 thIs year, and grew up living in rural areas, who belongs to the kind of ingenuity, the village Whose things are looking bad he repair job, but so many years in the village did not have any money she saved, but also fast son went to college, she looks to buy a house to get married, psychological pressure Is very large, it Is going to go do business, shop around to find that after reselling Used Car special to make money, then started groping himself in thIs industry, but the door himself clear, simply do not understand thIs industry, so they gather around the scene of the accident, he intends to go to the scene closed Car.

di beginning very hard, every day riding a motorcycle to get around, but met accidents are minor cut rub, people did not sell, and later heard that there are di accident in the parking lot might have to sell Cars, which sat every day at di accident in the parking lot, squatting for 15 days.

can be said that hard work pays off finally met a Mercedes owners want to sell Cars, later found that the person Is a foreigner, you resolve things after trying to sell the Car, but simply do not understand the domestic Automobile market, the thought hit the finIsh of the Car directly to scrap it, but di directly gave 30,000, lIstening to foreign direct owners agreed, and then di spent 30,000 put thIs Mercedes-Benz C200 buy back.

From thIs point of view the case of damage to the Car should be rear-end, watching the front of the problem Is not great, including the interior Is also very good even airbags did not pop up, Is part of the trunk of a littleSerious, had good sedan was pushed into a hatchback Car, the trunk may need to re-place the welding, repair it Is very troublesome, but di-think these are minor problems, we intend to repair themselves under.

Later di went from town to buy some sheet metal painting tools, and intend to fix thIs Car, thIs Car can be said di full of hope, because after fix and sell it, then you can earn a sum of money to hIs son to buy a house, but also boast with friends from time to time di, di and friends, said: “thIs Car Is 30,000 dollars, I forget under their own repaired if it cost 10,000, then you can sell about 16 million, equivalent to its own repaired earn 120,000. “

originally di very good idea, but later found they simply could not repair, and finally no way to drag on into yet a repair shop, sent more than a month was repaired, but repairs are not cheap, they might even lose money, do not even He said the earned 120,000.

Comments: The used Car Is now really popular, knowledgeable reselling second-hand Cars Is also quite profitable, but thIs accident Car, then better not messing around, because thIs Car requires high technical skills super good repair, and even after the fix Is ​​not easy to sell, so that intend to buy a used Car friends must be Carefully examined.