Daquan car flying car here, make sure you have not seen?

flying Car in order to solve the traffic congestion, traffic into an exIsting from the perspective of planarization.

Since it Is in order to solve traffic congestion, the flying Car should have the following:


Since it Is to solve traffic congestion, then it should be vertical takeoff and landing, taxiing and should not be taking off and landing. Because of the small footprint VTOL, like jet take off and land vertically.


Since it Is a means of transport, it should sound very small, if like the real aircraft sounds great, then it can not I drove. At the same time, small footprint bicycle, even if there Is also the wings can be folded or tightened.

The power output

If the normal Auto definition Car should rely on an engine driven tire travel, rather than as engine or propeller driven by conventional aircraft. I actually think that comparIson does not matter, in fact, the flying Car can do according to small private aircraft. As long as quality and cheap, it does not matter, service to the people. Flying Car has come, spectators think flying Car should be like? After

point of view 2

Is already clear that the scientific community Will not give up flying Car, especially in the General Assembly held Uber Elevate. For now, flying Cars or fall between dreams and prototypes, even under the optimIstic assessment of Uber, commercial real test still needs at least five years, provided that if such obstacles have to be able to solve new aircraft operators and regulatory .

So far, Uber flying Car already has five manufacturing partners , one of which Is owned by the Boeing company, founded by another predator drone’s father. These onesAre reliable aircraft manufacturer, we are committed to a new generation of design and applied to the vehicle near the dense urban flight. Build consensus among the company’s flying Car Is, Uber in 2023 thIs limited commercial dealine Is very aggressive, but it Is not possible to say no. However, it Is clear that there Is no flying Car can be seen, that Is to say, everything Is still the concept in a flying Car on the Uber Uber meeting of the General Assembly provided they mostly only imagination of small vehicles, sketches and virtual reality presentation. Most of the premIse of the influx of thIs new technology Is believed to provide the power needed for the large battery electric vehicles Will become better and cheaper. Even if the company overcome the technical problems, the aircraft must pass stringent safety tests, and to know that the sky Is not on the traffic situation on the road much simpler than that, you can refer to the aircraft flying in the sky traffic control.

As for unmanned flight and which Will be the mainstream Car? Now it seems that, from a technical and regulatory point of view, unmanned truly universal day much earlier than the flying Car, and flying Cars, let alone 5 years, 10 years to make a reliable prototype and begin testing on God Very good.

Geely flying Car

Of course, you want to slow down also possible, feiAuto driverless Car or personal Cars are born to do thIs, as well as the old subway, light rail. Buses may dIsappear into the museum.

So in the final analysIs what you Will become the mainstream, feiAuto fact, their character level Is the same, each there are various strengths to address the travel needs are different, so I think they Will be the future mainstream.

Airbus on Monday announced the creation of a new department to oversee the future of transportation, such as flying taxIs, on-demand helicopter, suggesting that the European aircraft manufacturer Will invade thIs a market of technology providers and start-upsCounter-attack.

Airbus on Monday appointed company veteran Eduardo Dominguez Puerta director of the newly establIshed urban air transport sector. Eduardo, 40 years old, feiAuto helped Airbus has establIshed innovation centers in Silicon Valley, and served as chief operating officer.

The new department Is responsible for monitoring the project include Automatic flight taxi prototype – City Airbus, flying electric taxi Vahana, Voom (to be regarded as the first Airbus a helicopter-demand booking platform). Uber and start-up companies are also developing Kitty Hawk flying taxi. Kitty Hawk won the Google co-founder Larry Page investments.

last week in Science and Technology Conference held in ParIs, Airbus also announced a new electric flying Car, called Pop.up. The flying Car was jointly developed by Airbus and German Car manufacturer Audi.

“We now need to speed up, establIsh partnerships with multiple stakeholders, including regulatory authorities, including air safety stakeholders to establIsh and implement pilot projects,” Airbus CEO Tom Enders in a statement Monday, he said, “Unlike other Car manufacturers new department Will maintain cooperation.” (text / flying Car)