Damage to car paint primer, Why tiny damaged the entire spray requires a large piece of it?

recommended that local Automotive primer damaged the entire spray or not to spray

primer damaged the position required sanding clean up after using putty powder (small putty) to fill flat, then to be dried and then polIshed until smooth. Damaged thIs step Will expand the number of small-scale, needs painting Will expand the number of locations. Assuming a position of the door PolIshed-out area Is about 10 cm in diameter, it Is necessary to spray the actual location proximate to the perimeter 20 cm in diameter, because the new paint to be sprayed with a transition at the seam of the original Car paint, there would be significantly repair marks.

However, in thIs way the patch still cause more obvious color difference, because relying on formulations (so-called computer-paint) Will be aging occurs due to finIsh in natural color , computer-paint seems very full sense of technology, however, Is just the presence of water formula of computer data paint a document or database for queries, if these formulations Carved on tortoIse shells that “Oracle letdown.”

color lacquer layer of paint Will result in a high temperature environment natural aging color fades, the varnIsh layer may react with oxygen from the rainwater into the transparent light yellow , vehicle paint colors always vary, so follow the recipe has not changed before the paint Is bound to have color.

in accordance with artificially paint color paint prior to constantly adjust judged vIsually identify the naked eye and true colors Will inevitably errors. Water paint and react with the substrate during spraying can also cause subtle changes in color, the paint spray Will actually there Is a slight error in the original paint.

Therefore, if only a partial area of ​​refinIshing paint Will cause very abrupt vIsual effects, like a patch as a block attached to the paint on thIs effect once you see the finIshed product Will always regret it. Want to make color less vIsible only partially full spray, such as a damaged door went to spray the entire door, color transition effect Will be better, the next color Is not bright and not very obvious, unspoken words mean color persIsts, no color you want to paint the whole Car only.

Cars in the course of scratch Cengceng no big deal, even if the Car very Carefully but sometimes inevitably encounter other vehicles drove not Careful, thIs Is the inevitable rub. Not recommended for small-scale damage deliberately repair damaged pieces of the case appeared in obscure position, even if the damage to the primer can also DIY repair. But not recommended to use some repair kit net sales, with a small patch of soil filling, sanding, spray paint, spray varnIsh, which Is in fact a normal step DIY painting process, words are not trained to do bad. The easiest way Is to use the same color nail polIsh, nail polIsh because not only comes with its own color and brightening effect, damaged a small area of ​​their own Tu Tu like.

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