Daily smile: now know what is the full use of the space vehicle, right!

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now know what is the full use of the space vehicle, right!


I have prosopagnosia do?

how I feel sister are very good-looking?

TOP8: Single sorrow everywhere reveal the dog’s

even had to eat a meal carefully.

TOP7: carts inside the car, the car inside the car

Brother, you are buying a car cover it!

TOP6: Brother, you should go and find a designer stairs

stairs may ask why so short!

TOP5: A: I bought a new phone, how to let people know I bought a phone?

B: You put pants Make a hole just fine.

TOP4: bought a new refrigerator is not bear to open the

after I will regret always felt open, it is his wife.

TOP3: Now when all trash so there is a sense of ceremony it?

I do not have the heart to take out the garbage.

TOP2: Report boss

found a mushroom chaos walking down the street!

TOP1: I wanted to quietly eat instant noodles

how even the taps are bullying me!

daily smile, happy every day!

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