Daily a car – Wei to ES6

Today we are talking about Is not so much a Car as it Is to talk about an industry, we all know that thIs year the Internet Is enough repairer of the limelight, many people began to get involved in the Internet repairer, due to the large most people do not own capital to build Cars, but under the guIse of the Internet to do some repairer repairer nothing to do with things, of course, some people really want to make Cars, but because the target was too ambitious, have become ” PPT repairer “, of which there are some Car prices really create a Car coming, but still quite good, Wei to one of them, let’s look at today’s fire Wei Wei to come ES6 have any particular place .

how to have not been amazing to its appearance, indeed color values ​​look alone not lost one million level Car, the appearance, in some special cases you even do not know to dIstinguIsh it in the end it Is still big brother ES8 ES6, much like their design, it can be said ES6 Is a smaller version of ES8, of course, since Is a new Car, it still has some of its own characterIstics, the biggest change Is the repeal of chrome ES8 front face, in addition to relatively small changes in appearance.

D steering wheel with a sporty
Large DIsplay
Driver Angle
the artificial intelligence system with interactive
Wei to the original Car Queen

Internet repairer Is the main, human-computer interaction, Autopilot and a series of people can simplify operation to liberate man from the relatively dull driving (not including off-road, racing and love to enjoy their driving crowd), so the configuration and intelligent the aspect can almost say that only you can not think of the manufacturers do not, which Is not too worried.

the focus of attention here, pure electric vehicles with conventional Cars incomparable advantages, such as acceleration, noIse and driving textured top, but its dIsadvantages are also obvious, and that Is it charge capacity, open thIs Car people have a common problem called “range anxiety dIsorder,” then weHow to look at thIs Car today ES6 performance?

First, look at the vehicle powertrain system

then look Car are equipped with the battery capacity and official mileage

seems perfect performance from the above data, but the fact Is it really? ES6 so far no problems arIse exposure of life, but we can see from above, hIs brother ES8, its actual performance data that does not seem like perfect.

summary, it Is undeniable that the electric Car Is the future of the Automotive industry, the future Will certainly be out of the exIsting petrol Car, just a question of the duration of time, any new things Will has its development process, like electric Cars, we should look on thIs development to produce new things, even though he Is not yet perfect, but in time it Will certainly create a splendid belong to it.