Customized business model Is viable in the automotive industry? SAIC MAXUS case worth studying

the United States to seize the third global information technology revolution, stand out in the wave of the internet. Whether it Is a top-down or bottom-up, we are enjoying the convenience of Internet + era. Since 2016, the state’s innovation program revolves around artificial intelligence to promote innovation; 2019, companies toward more digital environment and economic development. Today, 50 percent of global e-commerce Is conducted in the United States.

In July thIs year, SAIC Chase changed its name to SAIC MAXUS (Mike SARS), thIs time renamed addition to the Lexus brand name too similar on a hot search , but also allow large-scale personalized smart C2B customization within the Automotive industry there Is a sense of anger brush. Last week, SAIC MAXUS also moves frequently, not only released a new energy strategy blueprint, also off the assembly line’s first true seven IKEA were advIsed to pure electric MPV – EUNIQ 5.

either SAIC or Mike Chase Texas, Will C2B (Business-to-Consumer) label firmly snapping.

The first dare C2B cheqi

In 2015 in November, he was still “New York commercial Vehicles Co., Ltd.” was renamed “SAIC Chase Automobile Co., Ltd.”, and fund-raIsing plan, ready to open SAIC Chase intelligent mass customization business model development and application projects. Finally in April 2016, SAIC Chase’s first SUV D90 concept Car released, becoming the first Car Automotive hIstory Is defined by the user, while SAIC Chase became the first C2B intelligent Auto companies implement mass customization.

For people who long soak in the Internet, C2B \ B2C \ B2B \ C2C no stranger to simple understanding Is that Suning Jingdong B2C, Taobao Is busy fIsh C2C, C2B and the popular platform relatively rare. There must first generate consumer demand then there Is production, that Is, first proposed consumer demand, after the manufacturers organize production according to demand. ThIs model Is often related to a given privateSystem, while the price of customized products in general higher than the pipeline products. However, SAIC MAXUS in the industry truly intelligent mass product customization. When

C2B and customization

Is not yet available in D90 , there are a lot of fans pocket “blind order.” After D90 open book, there are 3943 people booked thIs C2B Car. It Is noteworthy that these and blind set in the user’s age range from 25 to 35 years of age, mostly young people after 80, 90, like the pursuit of individuality and unique, and therefore customized D90 would be their first choice.

So, what kind only be counted on Is the real C2B it? Implying multiple configurations another suite became “private custom”?

more than the first steam MAXUS C2B product D90, for example, it used the “deconstruction” starting, that includes product architecture definition, vehicle performance and subsystem development process, product verification and subsequent product configuration, price defined phases.

3-8 Zuozuo bits seat, sunroof, power tail gate, seat core 5 feature a functional configuration DIY, and there are 23 fully customized configuration of the selection, product configuration combinations up to 10 ^ 16 (10 Gigabit).

In addition, SAIC also opened MAXUS parts lIst 60 includes a plurality of keys, personalized badges, large screen entertainment, including a first row of seats. ThIs mode of production Is more of a creation, with a similar build Lego, take the same pile of debrIs for blocks to different people’s hands, permutations and combinations personalized small parts and then eventually get a different creation. SAIC MAXUS Is to enable users to participate in the entire process of product development depth to go and see their Car step by step how the birth.

lighthouse factories blessing, let C2B accurate

In July of thIs yearSAIC MAXUS midsize SUV D60 officially lIsted, but also the use of all the people in a customized manner, has been fully on line “Spider Holiday” smart Chooser, opened more than 100 customization options, trillions of Personality combination of options, for example, in thIs smart The new block Will have 25 intellectual drive and practical technology available for free option.

At the end of last month, MAXUS Is down not only the first true seven IKEA were advIsed to pure electric MPV EUNIQ 5, also released All Technology Routes (Full technical route), All platforms (all platforms · full range), All markets (global market) blueprint for a new energy strategy, boost the further development of new energy industries. EUNIQ 5 also has “C2B smart customization” gene SAIC Chase, and the mileage of 350km.

SAIC Chase Nanjing C2B Smart Custom Factory

Here Is also worth mentioning that SAIC Chase Nanjing C2B custom factory has been selected as the Davos World economic Forum “lighthouse factory”, it Is the only company selected the Davos World economic Forum, “Lighthouse factory” American Car companies. Under

in Industry 4.0 stage, there are a number of Car companies are building intelligent plant, but SAIC Chase C2B plant Is necessary to maintain efficient production, but also in the custom mode of C2B accurate, I have to say in thIs piece of superior intelligence. For example, the gantry crane stamping plant have a mobile phone App end monitors all the workshops are laying the roof a large area of ​​photovoltaic panels, Automation of the production plant reached 100% ……

the suitability of customization in the end?

Ford in the United States a hundred years ago created the first in the hIstory of mankind industrial production line, pipeline operations to make the Automotive industry production efficiency can be improved, the scale Is expand, let the Car into the civilian population at home.

in the past, often behind customization Is very expensive, takes longer, higher labor hidden conditions.Today, major OEMs are developing, improving their modular platform / architecture to pursue more efficient production efficiency, shared components, saving manufacturing costs and improve profits.

2020, paragraph

MG 6 Trophy models

Although the Automotive product homogeneity Is more serious, but for the people the pursuit of personalized never stopped. And the national rate of Car modification Europe and Japan, more than 80% compared to the domestic Auto market modification personalized currently accounts for less than 3% of the stock of Cars, which means that the domestic market Is still to be developed, modified blue ocean market. So many OEMs have also to personalized, customized tilt, for example, provide personalized sports package, a variety of joint limited edition model, modified version of the original production of sports Cars and so on, but there are few large-scale C2B like SAIC MAXUS custom made.

The Internet has changed all walks of life, the Automotive industry Is no exception. SAIC Chase “Spider Holiday” smart Chooser, select User 3 minutes with the Car you want, and also view real-time production and transportation vehicles in the state, “calendar set Cars” function to facilitate the selection of the cross up time, an average of 26 days to delivery of the vehicle.

US Auto market since last into the winter has not fully recovered, increased industry reshuffle, many of the tail Car prices have been hovering at the edge of elimination. But SAIC MAXUS in C2B model has always been to maintain steady growth, achieving sales in a single month in 2020 “nine rIsing,” July sales grew over 70% in August year on year increase of 45%, 9 month sales exceeded 1 million units , an increase of 84.45%, with actual proof SAIC MAXUS on the right path, C2B model Is feasible.

When the Internet industry manufacturing supply chain allows customization become so rapid, convenient, fast, user direct docking OEMs, there Is no “middlemen make the difference”, not personalized the blossoms pay a premium to enjoy the fun of DIY, so customization C2B Will probably be the future trend of Automobile industry ecology.

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