CTCC New York Sheshan Station, New York Auto Return of the King!

has been full of speed and passion of the racing field, every engine of the Car and shouts and counter-attack affects all corners of the heart of millions of fans, I was born here more than there are drivers championship, and more there are top manufacturers of Automotive brands.

June 22-23, at the New York Sheshan Station of New York Tianma Circuit CTCC held in the United States Touring Car Championship 2020 season, the third race, the New York team Car again, “Return of the King.” After two days of intense fight, New York vehicle fleet of David Zhu and Adam Morgan (Adam Morgan) won the runner-up, second runner-up. New York Automotive also with the wonderful performance of the two drivers again won the manufacturers championship cup.

If on a station (1 to 2 June) won the final game manufacturers Cup Is New York Automotive completed a handsome “reverse attack. ” So in thIs game Sheshan Station, New York Automotive Is by virtue of first-class vehicle stability system, powerful and stable body structure Racer “unity of people and vehicles,” the superb processing technology, the impact on the scene to bring the fans more than just vIsual , more spiritual felt.

arena Is a battlefield, ever-changing battlefield conditions. For racers, the arena to face unexpected situations that may arIse at any time, not only need superb racing skills, but also need excellent psychological quality and strong Willpower. The tournament in New York several Car racing Is by virtue of superior mental qualities, Rain or shine, the indomitable Will of the New York Car “overcome the self, beyond the self” spirit to the limit. David Zhu with “frequent situation” to describe these two days of competition, and so he did. In the race June 22, the New York Automobile from the United States, Japan, Germany, South Korea Car brand for up to 2.063 kilometers of New York Tianma racing field fierce competition, the race 16 laps in almost every lap of the race has changes in position and fight.

In such fierce fighting in David Zhu and hIs teammates because with rivals collide in the Super Cup first round after the departure, led to three people were dropped from the third, fifth, sixth vantage point to the tail. In particular teammate Juan Zhu also appeared to drive a vehicleOpen the hood of a sudden emergency, so the scene was very nervous fans.

Fortunately, Zhu Juan years of experience and a strong track it did not panic psychological quality, first-class in their superb “Car and one” skilled driving skills and New York Automotive stable performance, under the combined three-dimensional security, he remains in thIs state has been safely return to the pits, along the way neither himself, nor cause any harm to the opponent.

and a few laps down, under the premIse of hIs teammates a sudden accident, David Zhu and hIs teammates still by virtue of the strong technical strength from tenth position repeated several overtaking, eventually made the first success and four sixth.

If the first day of competition was “thrilling”, then the game June 23 can be described as “very touching.”

after the start, David Zhu all the way in the second grid position of leader, in a good position to lead, the New York Automobile fleet overall situation Is excellent . But in the final three laps of the crucial moment, David Zhu vehicle tires due to excessive wear, leading to significantly lower the speed, eventually overtake opponents, mIssed the Cup drivers. Luckily, teammate Adam Morgan at the last minute to keep the third place, it Will be able to turn thIs vendor Cup winning at great fit.

David Zhu after the win, in summing up the scores and these two days, said: “ThIs Is the second time we won the Cup manufacturers, especially in the first Automobile race in New York the case of a hit team occurred after the vehicle Is not fully recovered, and again to get the manufacturers Cup for our entire team Is a kind of great encouragement. ”

The reason Why there Is such a feeling, there Is a reason. It Is well known in the first round of the first race, the New York team suffered a Car accident in the world competition without precedent in the hIstory of racing in Car accident in New York three Cars have different degrees of damage, the frame itself has been hit hard. But many people do not know Is that, due to the high frequency (every other week) demand of sports events, the damaged vehicles back to base overall maintenance Is not realIstic, so they were probably the only Car maintenance. cutoffSo far, New York vehicle fleet of three Cars were not 100 percent restoration, repair the extent of only 70% -80%. In other words, maneuvering the game fans can see New York Car also Is not the most perfect state of the vehicle.

but it Is in thIs imperfect state, New York Automobile manufacturers still win the Cup thIs race. The magic weapon, in addition to New York blessing of Mercedes-Benz Cars have Ashkenazi genes, with excellent performance in terms of speed, safety and reliability, there are accumulated outstanding racer racing technology and rich experience.

before the accident without blinking an eye, firmly control the market Juan Zhu said: “Just wear a helmet, I would be very harsh on their own, the game can not go wrong, I need to keep your attention. win the next game Is my part to win the game no need to sum up, and in the next game when the station itself adjust to the best state. in particular, we New York vehicle fleet as its own brand in a public joint brand so to stand out, because we are the biggest opponents to overcome their own, beyond themselves, but also hope that through the way we understand the spirit of New York and the Car Is able to convey. ”

Shaoxing face of the upcoming races, New York Automotive team Is still confident. David Zhu said that although the vehicle Is not fully restored, but in both races, New York Automotive has shown impressive speed and stability; and players have two years running after the Car, “Car and one” ability to control the employer may have done to make up for the Car damage. By then, they Will exercIse in advance, find the best tuning and position, relying on New York Automotive vehicle high stability, he Will once again exceeded themselves in the game, gorgeous, so we’ll see.