Competition luxury car interior, BMW worst, most luxurious Mercedes-Benz, Audi and Volkswagen looked like

Introduction: More and more consumers are choosing to luxury Cars, except for some consumers Care about the brand, there are a lot of consumers also pay attention to the inherent quality, a lot of products in the glamorous appearance ornaments Is a mess, because Is unhappy to give up to buy a Car within a few consumers, today we have to talk about the traditional luxury Car, how their interiors behave.

BMW, BMW Troika in fact, the interior Is really the worst, whether design or materials, Audi and Mercedes-Benz are not there a small gap, but also ancient BMW Mercedes-Benz Audi interiors are lagging behind, even in the most low-end entry-level luxury Car, the Mercedes-Benz C-class interior compared to BMW 3 Series and Audi A4, the gap Is still not small. After all, people to manipulate BMW as a selling point, the interior almost does not matter. There are always consumers pay.

Audi interiors Is taking the business and technological sense, the new Audi A4L interior design can be quite good, processing, and overall use of materials on the details many have excellent than the BMW, but the Audi’s interior has a big problem, and that Is with the public interior has a high degree of similarity.

Although details of the deal are not the same, but the overall style Is very similar, Audi interiors always have the shadow of the public, chrome details and the overall layout of the similarity in the control higher, of course, thIs Is not excusable, after all, the same platform product.

Then there Is the Mercedes-Benz interior, in fact, I personally think that whether it Is to create a texture or details of the deal, Mercedes-Benz’s interior Is the most outstanding BBA , even entry-level class a and class C cheapest domestic, Mercedes-Benz’s interior can give consumers a better experience. Of course, in different products, Mercedes-Benz also has a different interior design.

Finally, pick a competition top luxury Car interior, the BMW 7 Series BMW family as the top luxury Car, the interior design was not so top, BMW thIs year’s design Is not so to the force, although the new generation of BMW’s product uses a new design concept, but more like making the 7 Series increased 3 Series version, either appearance or interior design, do not bringConsumers better vIsual sense, the interior of the 7 Series the same Is true if you do not tell you, you might think he Is the interior of the 3 Series.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class Is different, however, two years after Mercedes-Benz with a new design techniques, making more and more like C-Class S-Class, S-Class and the top interior can bring the Car feel better, whether it Is design or create a sense of luxury, the same Is the top luxury Car, 7 Series and S-class Is better compete with establIshed contractors. Of course, thIs Is the Mercedes-Benz S-class fare to mention Cars in short supply, hundreds of thousands of 7 concessions no one Is interested, the main problem.