Comparable to antique classic cars: the world’s ten most expensive cars in the hIstory of the modern car

In the Automotive sector, if the calculated price, so most of them are some of the leading rare antique classic Cars, but there are some modern vehicles, with its luxurious, rare and ultra-high performance, the factory Will be the beginning of priceless , the most representative Is the highest price that Is below ten Cars.

Tenth: 2020 Lamborghini Sian

In many ways, Sian representatives Lamborghini future direction of development. It Is based Aventador SVJ, Lamborghini’s first electrified ultra-running, in the conventional 6.5 liter V12 engine addition, Sian Is also equipped with a 48-volt mild hybrid systems, total system output power of 819 hp (611 kW), making it the most powerful Lamborghini sports Car. As the Car side of the number “63”, Lamborghini Will produce only 63 Sian, each priced at up to $ 3.6 million.

Ninth: Bucharest Dikai Long Super Sport 300 +

earlier thIs year when, by virtue of an improved version of the Bugatti Chiron record breaking 300 miles per hour, it caused a sensation in the world Automotive industry. And thIs Chiron Bugatti Super Sport 300 + Is to celebrate thIs victory and release of a road Car, only 30 units, each priced at $ 3.9 million. The Car Is electronically limited up to 277 miles per hour, it Will begin production in 2021.

Eighth: Lamborghini Veneno

2014 Nian Room 2015, 14 new manufacturing Lamborghini Aventador based on the Veneno, each priced at about $ 4.5 million. Veneno has 740 horsepower 6.5 liter V12 engine, the torque output reaches a peak 509 lbs ft (609 Nm), 0-60 mph acceleration time of only 2.9 seconds.

Seventh: KenIsaige CCXR Terre Vita

Sweden Kony Sager company in 2010 launched the CCXR Trevita has covered diamond powder Carbon fiber woven surface, a twin-turbo 4.8-liter V8 engine, the power output of 1004 hp, 797 lb-ft of torque, a total of only three, each priced at $ 4.8 million.

Sixth: Pagani Huayra Imola

Pagani Huayra Imola in 20209 May was first released, its AMG-derived twin-turbo 6.0 liters V12 engine has 827 horsepower (617 kilowatts) and 811 lbs ft (1100 Nm) of torque, the most powerful ever Pagani. mola only five, each priced at $ 5.4 million.

Fifth: 布加迪迪沃

By the use of lighter 布加迪迪沃wheels, Carbon fiber and other measures intercooler, vehicle weight 77 lbs lighter than Chiron. At the same time, not in spite of its 1500 horsepower compared with Chiron change, but Divo with a different aerodynamic settings, which makes it faster. Bugatti Will build a total of 40 sets of Divo, each priced at $ 5.8 million.

Fourth: Mercedes – Maybach Exelero

Mercedes – Benz Maybach -Exelero only thIs one, debuted in 2004, Is a subsidiary of the German Mercedes by Goodyear Fulda (Fulda) commIssioned production. The Car mounted with twin turbo V12 engine that produces 690 horsepower (510 kW) and 752 ft-lb (1,020 Nm) of torque. A top speed of 218 miles (350 km / h) per hour, taking into account inflation, Exelero today’s prices Will be more than one$ 50 million.

Third: Bugatti Centodieci

Bugatti in the United States last year’s Pebble Beach Zhou Car debut Centodieci, 10 Liang only Is the Bugatti EB110 modern retro Car, but also to celebrate the 110th anniversary of the creation of the Bugatti. Centodiece ex-factory price of $ 9 million, Is one of the most expensive Car, star C Lo recently ordered one.

Second: Rolls Royce Sweptail

only thIs one Is Rolls-Royce Sweptail once the world’s most expensive Car, priced at $ 12.8 million. Rolls-Royce Sweptail four years of development time, in 2019 debut.

First: Bugatti La Voiture Noire

only thIs one Bugatti La Voiture Noire after-tax price of up to $ 18.7 million, Is the official hIstory of the most expensive new Car. As a modern interpretation of the classic hIstory of the Bugatti 57 SC Atlantic models, La Voiture Noire using the same Chiron four turbocharged 8.0 l W16 engine that produces 1479 hp (1102 kW) and 1600 Nm (1180 lbs ft) of torque.