Collective memory of the people of the East German national car Trabant 601

Trabant 601 before German reunification East Germany’s best-known national Car, just as the national status of West Germany, like the Beatles, simple rustic design, functionality and space design pragmatic first, in one of the representatives of many models of film culture in the Soviet become the most dIstinctive, it Is the collective memory of many European citizens.

The term Trabant from Goodwin, a “satellite” means, but also the “accompanied , partner, “meaning, are compared with the late 1950s, the space race between the US and European powers, as well as the functionality of everyday travel pragmatic-oriented, so that the name has a particularly contemporary. In fact the production of the Trabant Car company called Sachsenring GmbH, which Is the factory emblem “S” logo origin, but because Trabant Cars Is too well-known, agreed to lower customs depot gradually replaced the original name.

Trabant 601 in fact, after the third facelift Cars most mature version, from the earliest Trabant P50, the second change the Trabant 600 models evolved, 601 Cars officially debut in 1963, were more common version of the sedan and two-door Limousine two body forms a single compartment trucks Kombi. A power portion mounted air-cooled two-stroke 600c.c. cylinder engine, the maximum power output of about 26HP, or if the Car Is not a failure, then the dIsintegration hundred kilometers conservative estimate can be completed within about 22 seconds, and that with the old smoky engine problems have become a staple of many people laughing stock.

Interestingly, Trabant Cars, although the basic national Car, in addition to the outdated engine, the rest has adopted many contemporary Automotive technology opposite fashion, for example by pre-precursor configuration, chassIs with four-wheel independent suspension settings, with similar transverse leaf spring type monomer SPA Volvo chassIs used today, it has also been used with circuitry today’s Automobiles the same 12V battery, to look bad compared to the appearance and simplePart of the interior, the scientific and technological content Is hard unexpectedly.

Germany after the reunification of East Germany many people first saw repairer technology leader in the global system of West Germany Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Volkswagen instant Trabant 601 competitive total loss, and even caused a lot of Trabant owners scrapped change the tide, even if the original 601 in 1990 to put on a 1.1L engine from the VW Polo, the horsepower output finally reached 45hp, but too old the old and anachronIstic nature inside and outside the vehicle design Is still not escape the fate of being out of the market, in 1991 officially dIscontinued. In the 34 years of the production cycle, it produced a total of nearly 3.1 million Trabant, which has more than 2.81 million 601 models. While the Trabant has become the impression of an era, a museum-class collections, but retained the number of Cars mouth still more, so interested players can still be purchased with a very cost-effective prices in Europe.