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as a large luxury SUV’s flagship product, the Mercedes-Benz GLS has been respected by the majority of high-end Car owners. Mercedes-Benz G-Class bold tough guy image different, although the same with a strong off-road performance, but Mercedes-Benz GLS Is clearly more focused on creating a sense of luxury, emitting a dignified calm aura from the inside out Is those high-end business strategizing favorite ideal Car. So today we have to talk about thIs heavyweight product highlights and recent Car policy, in the hope that the Department of virtuous feelings of friends to buy large dIsplacement helpful.

We Benz GLS 500, for example, as a flagship product, the appearance of the body looks very low-key, elegant lines and smooth, but not the slightest bloated. It Is worth mentioning that it Is equipped with an intelligent lighting system, a lighting function active, corner lights function, fog lamps and other enhanced features. Logo with the various sensors in the front air grille, and equipped with an adaptive cruIse main brakes active / passive safety features.

Similarly vehicle side and rear styling calm atmosphere, with a Car body style assembly and AMG AMG original factory wheels with sports suspension to further enhance the sporty look of the vehicle and driving pleasure.

Benz interior style follows the classic symmetrical design, layout dIstinct functional regions, traditional gun-bIs drum vIsual effects more intuitive dashboard, within reach of the parts are made of fine leather package, damping knobs and buttons texture represents the Mercedes-Benz flagship model should have a sense of dignity.

Benz GLS 500 mounted ON & OFF ROAD accommodate multiple traffic system, there are six kinds of driving modes are available, both in off-road or off-road terrain, simply or rough terrain, sharp turns, driving or towing a trailer driving on snow Jieke ease. Simply spinTransfer switches, you can achieve excellent handling characterIstics depending on the circumstances.

In addition, GLS Benz also provides easy access (EASY-ENTRY) function, the switch located at the top of the backrest. Simply press a button, it can facilitate passengers from both sides into the third row of seats.

Benz 4.0L V8 GLS 500 Is equipped with twin-turbo engine, the maximum power up to 310kW (422Ps) / 5500rpm, up to peak torque 600Nm / 1900 -4000rpm. In addition, GLS 320/400 Benz 3.0L V6 models are equipped with twin-turbo engine, the former maximum power 200kW (272Ps) / 5000rpm, the maximum torque of 400Nm / 1300-4500rpm; the latter maximum power 245kW (333Ps) / 5250rpm, the maximum torque 480Nm / 1600-4000rpm. TransmIssion system, the whole system matching Benz GLS 9-speed manual gearbox, the steering wheel support paddles. Provide excellent efficiency, smooth shifting comfort and dynamic performance.

heritage “S-class” calm dIstinguIshed brand image

Mercedes-Benz GLS-level models in the sale and official guide: model name manufacturers guide price [] [] [] 2020, paragraph 123 123 123 GLS 320 4MATIC Zhen Tibetan version of the 934 800 element 2020, paragraph GLS 400 4MATIC dynamic model Tibet Zhen EDITION 1049800 yuan paragraph 2019 facelift GLS 320 4MATIC 93.48 million yuan(CNY)(CNY) [] 123, paragraph 2019 facelift GLS 400 4MATIC dynamic model 1049800 yuan [] [] 2019 123 123 paragraph changeParagraph GLS 400 4MATIC Luxury 1.2198 million yuan(CNY)(CNY) 2019, paragraph facelift GLS 500 4MATIC 148.88 Wanyuan love Card network watchmaking in fact, Mercedes-Benz GLS whole system comes standard function Is already quite rich, but compared to GLS320 4MATIC models, edit or recommendation to buy GLS400 4MATIC sporty type, appearance, equipped with 20-inch wheels, configuration support cruIse control, shift paddles, the whole Car keyless entry and front / rear seat heating, the second row of the back angle adjustment and other useful features. Of course, if you want to experience the ultimate luxury experience, GLS 500 Is the best choice, its configuration Is more abundant, full-speed adaptive cruIse control, rear axle limited slip differential, in addition to the seat heating and ventilation functions, but also provides seat chair massage function, in addition to the Car Is also equipped with a dedicated electric suction and doors, but also enhance the sense of honor of the vehicle. finIshed models highlights, we might as well focus on what are now under Mercedes-Benz GLS Car finance policy, at the same time dream Car with saving Car costs as much as possible what music Is not? From 2020 April 1 to June 30, Mercedes-Benz introduced a “new attack meter” policy for replacement or repurchase, as long as the Mercedes – Benz brand passenger Cars (including Mercedes – AMG and Maybach S-class models) / smart / V-class / Vito / Viano passenger Car owners to have their immediate family (spouse / parent / child), in within the duration of the project or replacement repurchase applicable models, they enjoy the maximum amount of 18,000 yuan / support re-purchase the insurance exchange. Replacement for other brands applicable customer and insurance support a maximum of 12,000 RMB yuan / Taiwan.

In addition to regular lending program, Mercedes-Benz Financial also offers a low down payment before the election after the financial plan to enjoy, “the first to enjoy the election” Is actually a low down payment limit lending financial plan, compare cater to today’s people’s consumption habits, that Is, low down payment (20% of the full amount) to purchase, contract month period to pay less, saving consumers the greatest degree of liquidity on hand, especiallyFor the good of the consumer finance and investment philosophy, it can be a good down payment, monthly payments and the final payment of the remaining money to invest in financial management, to maximize revenue. After the end of the contract period, the owner can choose a new Car replacement, or return the vehicle to complement the final payment to complete the purchase.

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subject to the most stringent “National six” emIssion standards Will soon be implemented in the future large dIsplacement Cars in the country Will gradually become a “sCarce goods “, if you prefer the traditional classic Mercedes-Benz design modeling, heart and Carries a” V8 “feelings, and practicality of 7 SUV has a certain demand, based on the current Mercedes-Benz introduced a variety of preferential Car policy, the cash-Benz GLS may be a good choice.

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