Chongqing, a highly popular attraction, known as the mountain air bus, or 4A attractions

a very popular attraction in Chongqing, known as the mountain air bus, or 4A attractions

With the gradual lifting of economic strength, people’s wallets increasingly the more drums, life is more and more wealthy. Meet the basic needs of life outside, naturally, wants further spiritual food to meet. I believe that for us, the most suitable form of entertainment is to go out to travel, not only to relax, but also to eliminate fatigue, broaden their horizons, why not do it.

moment Chongqing is one of China’s tourism industry in a very popular city, has a large influx of foreign tourists in the city this year, in addition to some of the more well-known scenic spots, there are many yet fully developed, can be considered scenic very small minority, but they are in such high passenger volume, but also can get a certain level of development, which is to bring the region to enhance the income of local residents, of course, the development of Chongqing will also benefit from this .

Second, from the development of many parts of our country, Chongqing has a wealth of resources for development, not only geographic area, and a large population, which is the development of the city and Chongqing tourism are very favorable, so we need to understand, Chongqing as a popular attraction, its development, the greater its potential.

today, the authors say this is the Yangtze River cableway 4A level scenic spots, Chongqing Yangtze River is a river flowing through, it brought a lot of resources in Chongqing. In addition to being the most direct shipping resources, there are many potential sources can drive urban development in Chongqing.

4A level scenic spots, although this is purely artificial, but it has a high ornamental value. It overlooks the beautiful city of Chongqing scenery, as well as some of the cultural attractions surrounding air. So from the point of view of the country, it is actually still a little famous. The area connecting Chongqing Yuzhong South Bank area and total length of 1166 meters, the second river crossing Chongqing cableway. Now it is also a 4A level scenic spots.

In addition, in the scenic although it has been running for 30 years, but can enjoy the unique beauty, is still much to tourists. It is also known as “mountain Airbus.” It is worth mentioning that it is a municipal cultural relics protection units, is also a major cultural representative of Chongqing.

Although the 4A level scenic spots need to charge entrance fee, but this wasCode is indeed a great travel value. Because it is a large passenger ropeway across the river, so the security is very high.

Well, that’s today’s content, and if you are interested in this place, then hurry and go and see his family. Welcome you to a small partner in the comments below the article comments. I’m not concerned about the lost, bring you a taste of the good with words, with pictures take you to watch beautiful.