U.S.’s nine most expensive domestic cars, each one Is enough to make a joint shame!

Ninth: Harvard H9

guidance: 272,800 yuan

from the exterior to the interior, arranged to power, city to non-paved road, I have a deeper understanding of thIs big guy hardcore, I believe he Will be breaking many men bent, because it was the original wild really attractive, but it Is bad roads heading out of town, it Will not dIsappoint They trust in their daily performance. Although there are some shortcomings in terms of storage space, but, overall, thIs stock price and overall performance really praIse.

Eighth: Brilliance U.S. Ode 7

guide price: 287,700 yuan

Brilliance and BMW partnership, Hua Song 7 “proximity “using BMW’s N20 engine series, which has become one of the biggest selling point of thIs model. However, as a new brand, launched in 2014, lack of Hua Song brand competitiveness, difficult to support “holding high-dozen” marketing strategies. According to market positioning Hua Song 7, which Is positioned as a high-end MPV vehicle models, top with models priced at close to 30 million, competitors locked SAIC-GM-Buick GL8, Honda Odyssey and other models.

Seventh: Roewe 950

guide price: 289,800 yuan

From a purely design point of view and the quality of the vehicle itself, the Roewe 950 Is indeed a good choice, thorough Ism let Roewe 950 has the sufficient and joint venture brands comparable quality, which allowed almost become its own brand banner models. It Is the doctrine of design line in line with people’s aesthetic habits, appearance of the atmosphere and plenty of interior space sufficient to satIsfy the appetite of consumers, in the range of 20-25 Wan thIs Is indeed a good choice.

Sixth: BJ80

guide price: 298,000 yuan

Beiqi BJ80 manufacturer for positioning has been off-road vehicles, BJ80, a Resembling the G-class, with beams, differential lock and the overall suspension bridge of pure off-road vehicles.

Fifth: Don 100

guide price: 299,900 yuan

BiyaditangNon-linear acceleration of the vehicle 100 to the enemy in the same price, 0-100km / h acceleration time of 4.9 seconds has become its label. ThIs time, Don 100 pure electric mileage up to 100 kilometers, if only for urban travel, it can be used as a pure electric vehicle. If the five considered to be just, then seven Tang 100 Is to improve the type of Car.

Fourth: Zotye SR7 GAL Limited Edition

guide price: 366,700 yuan

Zotye SR7-GAL-based Zotye SR7 build, thIs Car grille, wheels, window trim and a roof rack and so many uses made of gold, while the central grille and door handles amethyst even more luxurious effect. In the Car, the Car uses the same decor, a key to start the exterior ring, the bottom of the main screen 12 inches knob Dangba shift, the center of the steering wheel “Z” shaped handle LOGO and door trim 4, adopted decorative amethyst; and the air conditioning vent, panorama sunroof control buttons decorative frame and a rear frame reading lights and other decorative gold coating process Is Carried out.

Zotye SR7-GAL uses a total of more than 500 grams of gold, amethyst Is from the South America Uruguay natural amethyst. Power, zhongtai SR7-GAL Will continue to use the current model 1.5L turbocharged engine, the maximum power output of 150 hp and peak torque of 195 Nm. TransmIssion, the new Car Will match the CVT gearbox.

Third: Na Zhi Jie Master CEO

guide price: 418,000 yuan

Na Zhi Jie MASTER CEO as a high-end business-type MPV, attaches great importance to feel the rear passengers, but the biggest surprIse Is in two separate seats in the second row and electronic equipment. Leather wrapped seats and ventilation heating function, and Is equipped with a function to the regulator 8 and the memory function. Electronic screens and has a rear, front and rear cabin intercom system, hot and cold refrigerator, LED ambient lighting, rear luxurious space can provide customers with a high ride.

Second: Hongqi H7

guide price: 479,800 yuan

located in the new C-Class luxury Car business, withPreparation of the North American A-level first layer of calfskin seats, the top US BOSE audio, put the wind comes the function of three-zone air conditioning, comfortable configuration …… can say that thIs Is a red flag in a bold attempt to break the inertia of past experience and, tap the younger generation of elite consumers seeking the performance and appearance of the foot work in the interior appearance.

First: Hongqi L5

guide price: 500 million

Currently, the most expensive domestic Cars Is Which? I’m afraid all of a sudden you could not think, because the rate of appearance of thIs Car Is too low. But if I say, we made the most of the title can be regarded as luxury Car brand who Is? I am afraid that many people can think of Is a red flag. And now, in its red flag, the most expensive Car Is a red flag L5. The Car’s price at 500 million, and to see quotes from dealers, also did not dIscount the meaning.

red Is also good performance to burst L5, L5 mounted CA12GV60-01 code for the 6.0L V12 engine, the maximum power of 300kW, maximum torque of 550N ยท m. Match 6-speed manual transmIssion. Four-link independent front suspension and a multi-link independent rear suspension, equipped with inflatable bidirectional hydraulic damper. Closing body Is very good, bullet-proof glass after further processing, high strength body, may play a role in bulletproof.