U.S. Top Ten engine actually have a lot of three-cylinder engine, three-cylinder engine in the end depend on what lIst?

a year we can see a lot of Car engine contest, which Is the most famous of these activities Is the US Top Ten engines Ward Award, thIs award represents a good or bad Is the Car of engine technology, while these engines also proved quality, fuel economy and durability of these.

Of course, we are also a selection of engines, so you can see recently last year in the lIst of top ten engines, but thIs lIst has attracted a lot of people controversy, since these engines actually have a lot of presence of three-cylinder engines.

In fact, I would like to focus on Automotive forums often have long seen these friends lIst, and indeed a lot of people feel like to not understand Why so many three-cylinder engine selected, in the end how much authenticity of such selection, interview time to know how long before the three-cylinder engine, how short period of time to prove the quality of these engines do? So many users have long been talking about, and then we take a look at what the engine Is more controversial.

The first Is unlucky 1.0T engine with SAIC’s 1.3T engine aroused controversy, indeed three-cylinder engine in the country and has been extended for many years, most began to represent three-cylinder engine Is the Xiali, but then the three-cylinder engine immature, so there was a clear sense of jitter. And mature triplex technology in a Ford took out the use of, like the original wing Bo Is’ve been using a three-cylinder engine, three-cylinder engine also began to be big promotion in recent years. The three-cylinder engine Is very fierce indeed the trend in the past two years, especially Carrying the hybrid appear together.

may be unlucky three-cylinder engine you are not familiar with, but SAIC’s 1.3T engine I think you all know, thIs technique obviously very tricky, and jitter Is not very good, there Is too much noIse. There Is Hideo the 1.8T also suffered everyone’s Tucao said Hideo three-cylinder engine also appeared jitter appears, in fact, thIs Is also the need to look at us apart.

If people do not know the Car, use the Car in winter, when the dIscovery engine shake, there may be the chance of jitter, weAutomobile engines know how many cases there Will be jitter occurs, so thIs Is actually normal, but a lot of people on the three-cylinder engine has always held a grudge, so you probably Will not be a problem Car. Of course, also part of the engine itself Is a problem, but the reason or not the engine, because the overall Hideo three-cylinder engine caused a sharp decline in sales.

So we had for the rankings are skeptical, but we are also very curious, Chery has been very well-known man-made engine, Why for several years have without it. There Is a lIst of Why the engine often failed and the last Is a three-cylinder engine in the end Is not qualified honored for thIs problem Is really a matter of opinion.