U.S.-made luxury car interiors severe rankings, the second full sense of science fiction, first to its name!

In these countries we often mention a word called “American speed”, literally, it Is clear that with the development-related, of course, all these years was undoubtedly the best of our country high-speed rail, and now the whole city around the world first. But the real insight into not only about the speed of the United States’ high-speed rail, “said the little bit that we want to make today the theme” Domestic Car’s interior. ” Enlightened, a look surprIsed, and even compared to BBA, also occupied the absolute advantage! Fifth “Chang’an CS75 PLUS”. Integration of science and technology and luxurious texture, vIsually completely inferior Benz series!

fourth “Ji Libo more”, from the original Ism to the later independent research and development, Geely Automobile efforts we see in the eyes of ! Now, under Geely Automobile full inside and outside the Car, all of independence has been completed, and the family design has formed a climate, a unique two-tone black with brown structure also allows Geely Car to create a good sense of luxury current sales are relatively stable!

The third “FAW Red Flag H5”, from the year before last Car has shown impressive strength, the whole Is more than the entire rate 150%, some would say, not the total, but Xiao Bian want to say Is not that a successful work built up little by little it. The Car’s interior Is also a group together for the first time to abandon the traditional retro-style design, a whole new look in front of us, especially the first time to join the floating control panel in the past Is to create a sense of technology not available !

second “One ideal”, first saw thIs Car, the through by the entire liquid crystal instrument panel to the shock given moment, it Is the concept of Car, but the concept Car and has a fundamentally different, but definitely better than the Car, the entire cabin Is no exaggeration to say that the current rolling of any production Car a Car, especially with piano paint and white seat also create a similar Scandinavian design!

first, “FAW Hongqi L5”, the US version of “Rolls-Royce”, although thIs Car in appearance still continued the red flag retroDesign elements, but the entire interior design of the past few days, the whole Car Is difficult to see a lot of physical buttons, essentially all of the functionality of the Car handling all multimedia interactive system on the inside. And also the first time the Car dashboard in the middle of the center console, and the sci-fi equivalent of 5 million price also reflects the value of the Car!