U.S. had only a 67-year Ford Mustang, 350 hp + 4MT, 6 Pobai Miao, 7.0L dIsplacement

When it comes to wild horses, many owners are aware Ford Mustang Is very popular in thIs country. Although it Is an American muscle Car, and the price Is not particularly expensive, but the performance Is also good to attract a lot of young domestic purchase, the old Ford Mustang models in the United States Is very rare 1960s, especially in the Ford Mustang.

More recently, the only 67-year-old Ford Mustang was shot in the domestic trailer, equipped with a V8 engine, breaking in 6 seconds, dIsplacement reached 7.0L. According to reports, the Ford Mustang Is the 1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500, which Is a model-oriented medium-sized sports Car, also known as the Mustang family Is the most powerful models. Body double seater coupe door design. Roof produce only 2019 Cars.

Ford Mustang provided by the naturally aspirated 7.0L V8 engine power, maximum horsepower of 340 horsepower and a maximum torque of 597 Nm, maximum speed over 200 km / h, and low-speed Automatic transmIssion 3. Select the altitude Is a 4-speed manual gearbox, the Car owners to improve driving pleasure, fuel consumption per 100 kilometers Is 13.3L.

ThIs Is the only 67-year-old Mustang, 350 hp + 4MT, 6 Miao Pobai dIsplacement reached 7.0L.

proved that the Ford Mustang has a 52-year-old age. In the same year, there are still “forced retirement” policy. ThIs Car has not been scrapped and direct reservations. ThIs Is very rare.

Faced with thIs Ford Mustang, I personally think that thIs Car Is already a collection level models, because unless the owners are Willing to participate in the auction, otherwIse almost impossible to buy thIs retro contemporary Mustang level. spend a lot of money. Shooting thIs Mustang model. OtherwIse, by looking for the Car market Is difficult to see such a model. It’s just because of the passage too long. If an accident occurs, accessories difficult to buy.