Chery new SUV “stardom” come! “Strongest” 1.6T engine, the performance does not lose the collar grams 2.0T

for domestic Cars, after 10 years of development, we have achieved rapid development. Geely, Harvard, Po Chun in the SUV segment Is one stroke ahead of a joint venture brand. Hafer 58 consecutive months, SUV sales leader, but as a veteran Car prices, Chery has been in recent years Is unknown.

Although many brands, but without a Car allows consumers satIsfied. Until the launch of the Chery EXEED brand, Chinese name: stardom, it seems that Chery wanted in uncharted territory, meaning the journey continued. In early 2020 officially lIsted. For stardom, it’s just an appearance time, changed many people’s views on the appearance of Chery Automobile, has finally become beautiful. Large size of the grille, in the middle of Chery LOGO Will also be replaced stardom exclusive EnglIsh LOGO. Light bar and the black mesh grille matched, giving a very vIsual sense of motion, with headlights on both sides of the LED light group Is connected, both to enhance the vIsual width, but also increase the degree of recognition of the vehicle. Into the Car, the center console 10-inch liquid crystal dIsplay Is particularly conspicuous suspension, built-vehicle networking system developed in collaboration with Google, multifunction steering wheel, electronic shift lever, have increased quite a technological sense. Chery with the previous design, has a very big change.

Power system of 1.6T and 1.5T engine plug-in hybrid when the brake system, maximum power of 190 horsepower and 218 horsepower, which Is Chery “collection” Is still of an engine, a hybrid version of a top speed of 200 km / h, hundred kilometers of only 1.8L, converted only about 3 hair 5 a kilometer matching 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox.

For Chery, the lIsting of thIs stardom, but also a symbol of a new beginning, do not lose the collar grams 2.0T engine, Yen value does not lag behind the joint venture brands, the high-end SUV, the Chery really believe can “stand up.”