Chery engine from Chery Automobile to see Why the people worthy of respect

at present Is in the full impact of its own brand of high-end stage, the impact of high-end must have sufficient technical strength and support, but when it comes to its own brand representatives in technology, Chery Is a lot of people blurt out names. From the beginning to the later engine continuously variable transmIssion, to its independent Powertrain Research Institute, Chery Automobile has been in the field of power Is its own brand in the market.

So in the end what excels Chery, it Is worth what people respect you? Perhaps we can learn from it in June thIs year, just off the assembly line of the third generation engine body to find some clues.

to which the 1.6TGDI example, it has a very big advantage in terms of power, reliability, quality and so on.

The most obvious Is or power, or power of the engine wherein 1.6TGDI Fundamentals of 87kW / L, or power high dynamic version Is up to 100kW / L. what Is thIs concept?

or power Is the power emitted per liter of working volume of the cylinder, i.e. the cylinder unit working volume utilization, rose higher power, the higher the efficiency of the cylinder, engine performance better, also more fuel-efficient. And thIs performance by power, torque and other vIsual data reflected, so people are used to evaluate the quality of the engine by a torque, power and other data sources in thIs, but both cause and effect relationship does not exIst in an absolute sense. Buick same level 1.6T engine power in about 84kw / L, it has basically been difficult to uncontested, but it’s even more than the low-power version of the Chery 1.6T or rival.

In addition, the third generation of Chery engine or brands to meet the country’s first six direct injection engine emIssion regulations. It relies on the development platform of Chery forward system, bench verification accumulated more than 1.5 million hours, equivalent to the user experience more than 10 years, the cumulative vehicle verification Is greater than 2 million kilometers.

was able to achieve such data because thIs generation Chery made friction reducing engine weight reduction, adjustment of the internal structure of the machine and a series of changes.

For example, the pIston skirt profile optimization, while improving the skirt portion immediatelyResIstance, and the use of the pIston skirt MoS2 coating technology (reduce friction); all-aluminum new materials, comparative cumulative weight loss 21KG cast iron cylinder block; maw to the intake duct type (the air amount Is increased), to improve the fuel efficiency .

Of course, most consumers still used the comparIson of the data intuitive power, torque, even so, most of the mainstream than the Chery joint venture brands favorably .

that the 1.6T engine basic data and joint venture brands of mainstream 2.0T data flat.

In addition, the engine also has a very important indicator Is the thermal efficiency. On thIs point, the third generation of Chery engine throughout its own brand almost difficult opponent, and a joint venture between the basic rival in par. Because the current 35% own-brand engine thermal efficiency Is relatively good results, and many Japanese, German Department, the US Department of joint ventures and other mainstream brands Is concentrated in thermal efficiency between 36% -38%.

The second generation of the engine thermal efficiency of the individual models and other models currently mounted tiggo 7 has reached 37.1%, the third generation on the basIs of the engine further. Able and foreign brands Will compete, that Chery earlier layout in power the Car.

In fact, back in 1996, Chery has introduced a Ford engine production line from Wales, started the engine of its own way. Until 1998, Chery independent R & D and production of the first generation of engines off the assembly line, marking the Chery officially set foot on the road of independent research and development engine.

In 2002, Chery and Austria AVL company co-developed 0.8L and 1.1L engine, which was designed and commIssioned as many as 18 models of engines from 0.8L-4.2L dIsplacement. 2005 Chery developed the first ACTECO positive ignition engine off the assembly line.

In 2009, Chery engine followed the second generation, thIs generation of engines are installed in version 1.5 TCI Chery Tiggo Yi Ruize and series, including models 1.6DVVT / 1.5DVVT , 1.0TCI / 1.5TCI, the current high consumer response Yi Ruize 5, 7 Tiggo Is equipped with the series engine.

Chery engine evolution to third generation time has been very mature, independent brand in the field of almost difficult Is hard to beat, even most of those joint-venture brands are rare par. Since Chery advantages in terms of engine also makes it often ridicule the outside world as “an engine company.”

It Is for Chery insIstence on engine technology, it Is able to obtain the title six times the US Top Ten engine. But the engine Is only one of Chery roots in technology, it also has deep knowledge in the gearbox.

4AT transmIssion from the beginning to later CVT, Chery always adhere to independent research and development, it Is the first match of the Automatic transmIssion, CVT CVT and AMT electronically controlled mechanical transmIssion own brand. Today, Chery Is rare with independent research and production of CVT brands.

Earlier thIs year, Chery has teamed up with Getrag to create the latest electronically controlled dual-clutch DCT transmIssion, the transmIssion controller has reached the same level the quickest engine response speed, the fastest only 0.2 seconds; power output up to 96%, such a high-performance engine with the same performance of the direct effect Is strong power and excellent fuel economy. Chery popular consumer favorite equipped with dual-clutch transmIssion Tiggo 7 Is the most direct example, the MinIstry hundred kilometers of only 6.3L, the lowest level for the same models.

As the two core components of the vehicle powertrain, the engine and the transmIssion has the advantages of directly determines the Chery excels in the powertrain.

Chery Powertrain DivIsion Is part of Chery Automobile Co., the company at present by the engine, the engine Engineering Research Institute, company gearboxes, transmIssion Engineering Research Institute, Technology Planning Department, power assembly, sales and so on. Not only the production of a variety of 30 gasoline, diesel engine, the dIsplacement covers 0.6L ~ 2.4L, power coverage 26kW ~ 150kW, also produces MT, AMT, AT, CVT gearbox and other products, widely used in Automobiles,Off-road vehicles, generators, low-speed vehicles and other fields.

Chery invested nearly 300 million yuan(CNY)(CNY), the total fixed assets of over 200 million yuan(CNY)(CNY) equipment, the institute has the most advanced powertrain test bench, the optical engine laboratory, AVL advanced and a dynamometer test system, noIse vibration test table, test Rig, test rig components, combustion analysIs, combined emIssions testing laboratory, EMS system. And all of thIs strong endorsement Chery stand out technically.

Chery technically insIstence had some catfIsh effect on all own brand. After it, mostly independent brands have begun to shift from imitation innovation. Car buddies have always believed that good things must be able to bring a positive effect to the entire industry, role, and in thIs sense, it Is worth Chery so that people respect and pride of place.

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