Chase G10 commercial vehicle interiors custom – Home preferred travel!

and indifferent Ming, Calm Heart. Today to introduce thIs modification made by the World Chase G10 good Car commercial vehicle interiors custom, whether to attend public business or private occasions Safe, Cho was strength and thus more effective; 7 spacious interior space, comfort and considerate more honor .

Appearance luxurious atmosphere, the interior space of business atmosphere, the interior style Is used consIstent with the appearance of luxury commercial range, brown leather and wood trim cover Car inside, on the vIsual integrity of strong vehicle using layout 2 + 2 + 3, spacious and comfortable.

of the overall business intelligence standard cab, large touch screen, high resolution and media to expand the application of science and technology to improve the sense of the vehicle, and then plus multifunction steering wheel, while driving makes you more convenient and comfortable travel worry-free.

There Is a small mini fridge between deputy seat, although mini, but the function unabated, can itself adjust the temperature, some drinks placed iced drink Icy up and taste more.

of the passenger compartment air seat fine material, with a heating and ventilation, intelligent massage and many other features, the seat can be rotated 360 degrees, if want to change a more relaxed way, just gently move a finger pressing a button on the backrest and footrest can be adjusted, can realize the easiest way.

rear seats recline, the road can nap, from thIs perspective, the interior space Is very large.

also customize the front compartment behind the seat luxury small bar, with a dazzling light, kettle equipped with pedal control as well as some function keys on the device region , the top of a TV, even if the road Will not mIss the wonderful TV programs.

in a large space in the rear Car, you can be placed over more luggage, give you a reason to stay away of!

for the feeling after G10 commercial vehicle interiors customized thIs Chase, we can say with a veryDIstinguIshed enjoy the ultimate experience, like it can not mIss it.