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yesterday, a quick Hu teacher wrote a “bunch of Cars were removed from the circle of people, their thIs year,” a lot of laps Azeri began to mIss those once poor and happy day, and I was the one to mIss man of.

2013, I love to see the “flower total lost golden cudgel” micro Bo, there are a variety Zhuangqiang article. From umbrellas to mineral water, there Is still walk through the streets Zhuangqiang guide, so their own whim, wrote an article about the Car Zhuangqiang guidelines, then spent a total also turn my microblogging, because the age-old, now re-update thIs article, contributors to the two-man line in support of Hu ye brothers put thIs number held continuously.

modified Car Zhuangqiang Guide

to be in the Automotive industry for 10 years, the Car brought me the most Is the sense of belonging and a sense of security, at least in thIs space in the Car belongs to you, so we should be glad that thIs life has a Car.

to say when Zhang Yadong told a magazine interview these words to the beginning of the following paragraph: I most enjoyable time Is 4:00 from the studio out, driving a Grand Cherokee through the empty streets of New York.

In fact, in the street, you Will see how much to turn over some of the appearance of the Car. Exaggerated tail, brilliant color of the body, and can not wait to cut the rear end of the exhaust pipe, causing the road tearing sound. I thought it was all Zhuangqiang junior, senior Zhuangqiang guilty are unemotional. Their Zhuangqiang channels are generally two: the road network and blew show off.

Network blew thIs trick, I thought a qualified Zhuangqiang must continue to make contacts in North , on the broad, deep well-known major modification shop, Is now basically in the form of membership in a club. You can put on the microblogging some clubs gathering information or opened, do not self-destruct with a photo of a luxury Car photo, a proud smile Is enough to expose your identity Cock wire.

Similar also be staged at the interior or the hub, and then calm tone sigh start a sense of damping the button Is not very comfortable. If the sun Is a single engine, or a hub, that the hub must be more than 25 inches, the engine cover must be transparent. If you have the opportunity to stand in line or sitting on the ribbon-cutting team more than four-site model, then congratulations, Zhuangqiang success.

showing off the road Is relatively simple, relatively speaking. On the way drives fast throttle very deep are generally two types of people, one Is love drag racing act recklessly; the other Is the Car Is not their own, these two types of people we can not learn, after all, we want to to comply with traffic rules.

drove the Car to turn over the road, hIs face can cover large sunglasses are essential if it Is sitting next to a relatively perfect beauty, take a man that Is totally unacceptable.

appearance of the vehicle can not be too bright to be a little stuffy, as we are talking about the shock and to make It may be lowered. As for low to what extent, depends on the road conditions in the vicinity of your own home, if home accidentally because the chassIs Is too low, the front and rear bumpers are left in the pit road, I felt bad. As the lights do not change, because the light changed easily affect others, Zhuangqiang loaded into annoying Is the greatest failure. We want to put on a level, but also to put on a friendship.

of course, the most critical Is the Car started to use the catapult, Is the feeling that you can not control the Car, as to how a catapult method Is actually very simple, foot brake foot floor oil can. Of course, if you are rich, you must take the back seat to the demolition, installing a roll cage, four-point seat belt use, the engine compartment to have a huge intake and brightly colored hood.

If you want to brake calipers painted red, or get hold of AMG in a Toyota Car nIsmo logo or the like, then failed to show low-key, always exposed to restrain their desire, in short, to a feeling that you are unlikely to see the appearance of thIs Car Is to turn over, while others you entered and the Car’s engine compartment, and instantly the GC.

literary class Car Zhuangqiang Guide

100,000 or less, in fact Zhuangqiang made their choice Is not a lot, to squeeze out a Beiqi Gladiator, Warriors and the like, it Is best to ask manufacturers given that military version. Civilian version of the Hangzhou Motor City Is there to sell, are interested you can go take a look.

100000-200000, similar to the Fiat 500 which, in short, the more popular the better.

20-300000, I recommend a Toyota Prius, when chatting with the sales consultant to purchase a Car, do not say what the parameters of sales consultants wearies be appropriate to say thIs: I’m open thIs Car, but also very unkind FAW Toyota in the United States, to a lot of domestic parts supply are not the same, you look at the face of the door seals are not the same, but able to prevent make some contribution to global warming Is worth it, the key Is the last of the silent Card to brush, back left environmentalIsts sales consultants a crIsp.

Beyond that, the choice Is big, like a sports Car, I think we can look at thIs Dodge challenger, Acura TL, just barely within the range, if you have time and energy can go to Tianjin bonded take a look.

literary class Zhuangqiang actually very simple, Is to deviation, range of advanced literary Zhuangqiang Advanced spend 100,000 yuan less than that of a money purchase emIssion standards to make it through the popular second-hand Car, a search of Hangzhou probably the single digits. For example Alfa Romeo 156, bmw 528 or first generation Ford escape like.

If less than 100,000 to buy a Mazda RX-8, then congratulations, because your engine Will be scrapped in the near future time, and maintenance costs are very expensive, people ask you, your Car does, you smiled mouth up: I sent to Japan to repair the engine.

Finally, Why do not I write ultra-running, ultra-running Is not I do not know, the key Is super run and hIs ilk have cattle X, not installed.

The following Is written by the end of 13 years: Jinhua heard yesterday a 89-year guy referred to the continent’s first Tesla models, really want Congratulations to him, but on the accent, it has a technology company in about a month prior to thIs Car used to split the company front on the microblogging moment we are silent. After all, the highest level of privilege Is Zhuangqiang.

at the end of thIs year should be: if you drive turn in Chang’an Avenue, that all Zhuangqiang Fan You should be able to silent.

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