Car Why regular maintenance? Some methods not only save money and effort!

In fact, keeping a Car Is not difficult

said vehicle maintenance Is very troublesome, but in fact many people do not know that vehicle maintenance Is a very easy and simple Oh something for vehicle maintenance, many drivers may not know there Is another more economical maintenance methods to save money, and that Is the use of everyday household goods to vehicle maintenance, the following Will take some share of routine vehicle maintenance tips, simple and economical.

cleaning cushions how to do

When it comes to leather cushion Is that many Car buyers value of the part, the driver said: routine maintenance of vehicles tricks really more related to cushion the clean, clean the surface of the cushion, etc., many use cushion for a long time, the above Will accumulate a layer of black texture the dirt, which kind of type of soap, transparent soap, but mostly yellow, soap easily associated seat, the vehicle seat washed with soap, and leather cushion also has a protective effect, particularly effective decontamination, soft and leather after drying gloss, specific method Is applied on the cloth soap, soap and loaded if the hollow article, avoid prolonged immersion in water, wiped with a rag leather cushion, the cushion may need to install other jewelery or personal use of leather cushion, and thIs ways for some decorations inside the vehicle Is also particularly useful.

How to clean a vehicle

everyday life, vehicle long time without maintenance, often oxidation, scratches, as well as the sun and wind and rain, the new vehicle Is not already, go to the next repair shop maintenance, whenever they need a lot of money, too expensive, and whether it Is undoubtedly people very uncomfortable, such as cleaning up the body, we should first clean up the scratch area, and then coated with a little toothpaste on a cloth and gently wipe the scratch area, there Is a small trick, how the vehicle wheel hub scratch repair, you can use wet wipe clean with a soft cloth.

How to clean sticker

It examined various labels affixed on the window, which can be removed Fengyoujing, after the Fengyoujing coated on a sticker, may then wipe off with a dry cloth, with a strong scavenging effect, the lower Car rain, because the water vapor, the door Will have an abnormal noIse, if part of thIs inspection without damage, can be used finer talc and oil or other cleaning agents, cleaning and maintenance, repair, can prolong the life of the seal material.

How to clean the seat

As a vehicle seat important components within, the best time to do a thorough cleaning on a regular basIs, cleaning maintenance, at the same time to prepare and use a long brush cleaners, fast drying after cleaning, do not use detergents, and do not use too alkaline soap, soap and detergents, as well as use a sponge brush rims, vehicle maintenance Is not only changing the oil, but also to replace a few small parts, a lot of people say, know regret late, either old or novice drivers driver, driving all know that there are some tips you can save a lot of repair costs, but has not mastered it only understand.