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1 Automotive various systems illustrated:

1, automotive powertrain:

after the drive type: engine – clutch / torque converter – transmission – propeller shaft – differential – axle – wheels

precursor models: the engine – clutch / torque converter – a gearbox (including differential) – – axle – wheels

Note: for manual transmission cars: there is no torque converter clutch; on automatic transmission cars have no torque converter clutch.

2, automotive engine system:

automotive engine includes two institutions and five systems:

Crank Mechanism: main groups of organisms, groups of the piston rod, a crankshaft flywheel group consisting of three parts.

Valve mechanism: the main valve train, the valve train from the group consisting of two parts.

The fuel supply system: There are tanks, pumps, tubing, fuel filters, fuel injectors and other components.

Ignition system: the main ignition coil, high voltage lines cylinder, spark plug and other components.

lubrication system: the main strainer, pump, oil cooler, pressure regulator valves, oil filters, lubricants and other components road.

Cooling system: There are pumps, gear pumps, thermostat, radiator tanks, expansion tanks, cooling fans and other components.

Starting System: There are a starter, a starter switch, a starter ring gear, the starter relay and so on.

3, automotive suspension system:

automotive suspension system refers to a connection structure between the body, frame and wheels, comprising a shock absorber, suspension springs, the upper and lower arms , trailing arms, the stabilizer bar and the like.

4, the steering system:

The most common steering system with hydraulic power steering and an electric power steering in two ways:

5, the braking system:

brake pedal mechanism main system, the vacuum booster, a brake master cylinder, brake cylinder, brake discs, brake caliper, brake pads and other components.

6. The automotive air conditioning system:

automotive air conditioning system includes a compressor, a condenser, an expansion valve, an evaporator tank,Out of the wind pipe, air filter, air-conditioning control panel. .

2 can indeed vehicle identify parts:

1, a vehicle body structure:

2, appearance of the body:

3, chassis:

4, engine compartment:

5, car dashboard:

6, automotive lighting control:

7, adjusting the rear view mirror :

8, electric seat adjustment and the memory location:

9, car air conditioner panel:

10, car audio control panel:

11, wiper switch:

12, cruise control:

13, off-road vehicle mode conversion:

14, multi-function console:

15 , multifunction steering wheel buttons:

16, and the automatic parking vehicle stability: