Car those things, look at the car accident “facelift” to the “new car”

buy a used Car, we all know to buy the Car accident Is more dangerous.

So what Is the Car accident?

accident Car accidents caused by unnatural means a loss, injury Is caused by the vehicle, causing the vehicle mechanical performance, economic value decline. “Car accident” generally refers to the presence of the vehicle structural damage. Meanwhile, flooded Cars, fire trucks also are “special Car accident” category.

some vehicle accident Is inevitable, but we are talking about today Is not an ordinary Car accident a minor cut rub, collide, but there Is significant damage to the vehicle, such as thIs



even so

you read right, Is one such Car accident after repair, may flow into the used Car market sales. And even some Car accident Is revealed to have been scrapped with a good few more Car parts can also be used.

are so bad how to fix it? !

where bad repair where!

Parts bad, for a!

bumper off, and connect!

balloon pop up, plug back good fight!

even frame, where to put off where connected!

such as

In the vehicle after finIsh washing again, comparable to the effect of cosmetic face transplant !

Such a Car accident, after the repair may become so, take a look at before and after comparIson!


especially white Car, an inattentive Will fall into the trap

but repairing the Car accident, after all, Is not to re-create recycled, it Is not possible flaws are not, Xiao Bian now to expose you ~

First, check the dangerous condition of the insurance and 4S shop record

4S shop Will have a vehicle repair, maintenance and dangerous condition records, Is there a major accident at a glance, if the vehicle Is not the year for a long time in the 4S shop maintenance, you can check to the insurance company vehicle insurance.

Second, the appearance of the vehicle see

Is to look at the appearance of the four corners of the vehicle standing one meter away place, so that the line of sight of the vehicle waIstline flush. It Is easier to see the condition of the vehicle paint, whether there Is color, gloss, etc. are the same.

If the vehicle gloss inconsIstent, or some new parts in particular, then it Is likely to be renovated.

Third, the lights

Generally, after several years of use, a certain degree of light surface wear or aging Is normal, but all external vehicle lighting in particular, the degree of aging of the plastic surface should be roughly similar. If you find a certain special new lamps, or yellowing of plastic particularly serious, then we need the extra attention.

Fourth, look glass

To observe the whole Car glass whether the same production date and factory life. If not, the change was of glass, it may be cause of the accident cause.

Fifth, the view of the vehicle a gap

Is mainly to see the seams between the various components of the vehicle body. To check the seam Is uniform, processing Is smooth edges.

In general, without the body Repair “original member” seaming are more symmetrical, there Will be less the case suddenly thick suddenly fine uneven. And to touch when the edge of the seam Is also very smooth, with virtually no clear sense of “cut hands”.

Sixth, the frame

To check for welding traces on the frame, uneven or curved.

depends on key A, B, C pillars and strips. Further, if the door Is opened Is very difficult or closing, force does not shut rope; loose and seal damaged, then dIsassembled repeatedly. If the individual pads A.B.C column rough. Nonuniform arrangement, the inner and outer column A.B.C paint color Is present, it Is determined that the vehicle can be subjected to relatively large impact.

Currently, most Cars are a “unibody” construction, the frame Will be deformed by the impact some adverse reactions in motion, can also be determined by test. For example steering uneven, unstable; straight course there ring wheel; tire has uneven wear marks; wandering phenomenon when braking.

VII vehicle hood open check

eight inspection vehicle chassIs

can find a nearby repair shop outside the vehicle chassIs Is raIsed view, the mechanical structure can be more exposed intuitive to see whether there had been repaired at the scene.

a normal vehicle chassIs, a front side member (beam), the rear side frame should not be wrinkled, deformed traces the entire extent of contamination should be substantially the same chassIs, generally there should be no special or particularly dirty and clean part.

but we do not have to worry too much, the Car accident Will only appear in some second-hand Car dealer in the hands of black heart brought sales, 4S shop if it Is the case, it would not be such a Car accident, if it Is do not worry, you can also find a special inspection agencies to detect large accident investigation.