Car small problems all right? Take a look at thIs Land Rover becomes sick cats – leading to overhaul!

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Construction Project: Overhaul engine

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ThIs article had a black Land Rover look. As we all know, the durability of Land Rover’s reputation ever Tucao. Even hIs brother Jaguar highly implicated

and Land Rover Tucao poor quality, not groundless. Indeed a lot of small problems. The protagonIst of thIs Range Rover Is in a “prize”, the engine emergent abnormal noIse

only less than 60,000 km of real tables mileage, Will be out What Is the big problem? Indeed, after a sparking the Car, the engine makes a lot of harsh abnormal sound, abnormal sound “Gala Gala” voice over the roar of the National Taiwan University has the engine dIsplacement of the H-throttle. In the external inspection no avail, had dIsassembled to check the engine side

I suggest that riders can not generally split box not split box, because overall dIsmantling the engine again, just like people do a major operation, like, hurt gas. But thIs serious abnormal sound Will have to split box, and major surgery are all for medicinal purposes

ThIs Is a Land Rover V6 engine, while demolition check the side of the problem. We expect to find out and solve the problem before without dIsmantling the whole, but it did not, until dIsmantling the cylinder head to open only be seen from the pIston clues

one of the top pIston serious signs of wear appear, allowing the technician was surprIsed, almost polIshed thIs portion of the protrusion. You know, thIs Is the heart of the heart of the engine, so wear staggering. But thIs Is also a cause of wear, and continue to look for

finally found the root cause, Is almost grinding to a small tile liner paper-thin, jagged and irregular it experienced what ……

small wattExcessive wear resulting in movement of the pIston shaking, while resulting in a corresponding position seriously worn camshaft entire root replacement.

Of course, not only that. Also due to the shaking of the pIston, causing the cylinder wall Is worn. Including the top of the pIston wear, all in all, “thanks to the” oil

thIs Range Rover before the split box just released less than three liters of oil, burning oil phenomenon, resulting in serious loss, while oil sensor fault, no alarm! ! !

Imagine if small tile does not happen, but the cylinder and pIston have been subject to wear, in case of a serious shortage of oil, the owner did not know, nor lIsten to to serious abnormal sound, a long time what Will happen?

blew scrapped engine! Yes, very fine think fear ah

In thIs regard it Is now fairly midst of sadness

repair after]

cylinder boring cylinder body repair

replace the pIston, and the remaining five clean

all replaced with a new tile

and the new pIston rings

the new factory camshaft

Now that the dIsmemberment, tensioners and n when the chain also together for a

began homing

overhaul the entire process takes two weeks ago, can make it back to life can be considered worthy of the


luxury Car electronics facilities more than a few models directly banned the use of transmIssion oil dipstickSensor. And it Is important that the unit has a fatal failure, at the same time we guess perhaps come across fake or poor-quality oil before the oil the Car, while the phenomenon of burning oil more or less have a certain relationship with the quality of the oil. Both factors coexIst, eventually leading to chronic illness into suffering. So appeal to the majority of owners, do not be Careless use of oil, but do not plan cheaper

we all know, the more expensive the Car, the more natural accessories expensive. Then thIs small problems eventually lead to greater damage who pays, but fortunately in the warranty, but not all of the purchase of more than one million vehicles are three to five years of a change.

Land Rover, you should really look strictly controls the quality of …

Subsequently, in order to change a mood , the whole Car changed color film big face. Transition from the inside to the outside of the