Car Sidelights: How it works Car differentials need to know what?


of the differential when the vehicle is cornering or driving on uneven road surface, the left and right wheel rolling at different speeds. Consisting essentially of: planetary, differential housing, axle, etc., the power transmission: direct drive shaft into the differential case of the differential, a planetary gear driven by the left and right axle shafts respectively driving the left and right wheel. If both sides of the drive wheels is rigidly connected to a shaft integral with, the two can rotate at the same angle. When the vehicle with the steering, because the outer side than the inner wheel tracks movement of the wheel distance, and generates drag slide while rolling, the inner wheel slip is generated while rolling. Even cars with a straight line, also due to uneven road, straight road but different rolling radii (manufactured tires, difference in wear, the load pressure varies unevenness) caused by wheel slip. Wheel slip not only increase tire wear, reduced efficiency, fuel consumption, but also increases the vehicle steering difficulties, poor braking performance. Therefore alleviate the wheel slip phenomenon, must ensure that the configuration of the wheel and rotated meet the different needs at different angles.

When the vehicle is straight, the left and right wheels considerable resistance, the planetary gear within the differential housing does not turn just follow well-housing rotation. When the vehicle turns, the inner wheel will have a greater resistance, so that both sides of the intermediate axle discontinuity with the planetary gear will produce rotation, there will be on both sides of axle speed difference. Outer side than the inner wheels turn faster, so that the vehicle can smoothly turn now.

Of course, generally with a central differential lock on the four-wheel type, which is to eliminate the difference in power between the front and rear axles, the power distribution of the front and rear axles can be substantially 50:50. In addition, with a front axle differential lock and the rear axle differential lock models than less, and three locks are fully equipped models were all professional off-road vehicles. That is, a differential lock is applied to the differential lock, and when the differential lock may be required, so that the differential does not work, so you can make the inner and outer wheels have the same torque .

above description, the number of differential have an understanding of it, hope that helps.