Car sales rankings released in 2020, half of the top ten public monopoly! The first sell 490,000

As 2020 opened a new chapter in 2020, has quietly spent. In the past year, the Automotive market has experienced unprecedented turmoil, many brand Car prices were frequently frustrated by the country’s six policy implementation, layoffs, recall, the Automobile market downturn and winter, and so on, so that a series of synonymous by the situation they are in the Automobile market the tenacious struggle.

After the Automobile market in layers of “baptIsm”, Car prices year-end sales performance has become the focus of immediate concern. Recently, publIshed by the Federation in 2020 Car sales performance of various market segments, which, in the compact sedan sales charts, the new Volkswagen Lavida with annual sales of over 490,000 Yiqijuechen, won the sales charts Laurel. The only difference than the new Sunny over 10,000 units of NIssan Sylphy ranked second in the lIst, we can see both occupy a very powerful role in the compact sedan. Toyota Corolla places over 35,000 annual sales of the top three finalIsts, and while it was close to the platform edge in TNGA architecture.

In 2020, from January to December compact sedan sales charts, only an independent brand Geely Dorsett finalIsts, the rest are joint venture brands. Dimensionless can be seen in the Car market Is basically dominated by the joint venture brands, independent brands account for only a small market share, at the same time, Japanese with German models occupy the mainstream position, in which the top ten players, there are five Volkswagen models occupy the lIst, can be described with the strength to monopolize half of the country! It Is worth noting that in the flurry of a few days ago regarding the Volkswagen Passat, the U.S. Insurance Institute crash test results so that users Car circle even surprIse, but the data show that did not affect the sales of the Passat, but to achieve a significant increase, it Is unexpected.

First, the public – Sunny

annual sales: 49.0944 ten thousand, an increase of 5.2%

have to say, in the field of compact-class model Cars dominated terminal sales to sales ranked first for the new Volkswagen Lavida , annual sales of more than 490,000, an increase of 5.2% in 2019, enough to see the average user consumer groups, the Volkswagen Lavida almost purchasedOne of the primary goals of the Car. Coupled with the lower price range, dozens of models on offer layout and configuration of the terminal market, the achievements of the leader in the 100,000 compact Cars in.

Second, NIssan – Sylphy

annual sales: 47.5063 ten thousand, an increase of 1.6%

among the second-ranked NIssan Sylphy, total annual sales of 475,000, an increase of 1.6% last year, second only to Volkswagen Lavida, indeed evenly matched. NIssan Sylphy after updating the appearance of color values ​​and space compared to the previous generation model has greatly improved, along with the previous day’s low fuel consumption and production of ancient reputation, forged the Sylphy became the best-selling Japanese Cars.

Third, Toyota – Corolla

annual sales: 35.0755 ten thousand fell -6.9% year on year

using TNGA architecture platform to build Corolla sales before a change and updating the doldrums, Corolla after replacement with petrol and dual-engine version, both occupied by fine sub-market, with the strength to squeeze into the top three overall sales volume, can be described as deserved, homeopathy has become one of the main marketing vehicle FAW Toyota. In addition, dual-engine version of the Corolla in the low fuel consumption performance, won the consumers, especially in the second and third tier cities, dual-engine version of the Corolla users who travel frequently, have to say Is a good choice.

Fourth, VW – Bora

annual sales: 32.3438 ten thousand an increase of 32.7%

ranked fourth among the new Bora, which Is inseparable from the MQB platform to build, as well as to enhance the appearance of the color value, whether in the body size or design of flu, than the older models more in line with current consumer’s vIsual aesthetic. Single sales results from thIs point of view, the introduction of the new Bora Is undoubtedly gained market recognition, the cumulative sales of over 320,000Vehicles, an increase of 32.7%.

V. Volkswagen – Sagitar

annual sales: 30.9788 ten thousand fell 1.0% year on year

the new Jetta’s arrival can be said to attract the favor of many young consumer groups, especially in the front face of the new Car, it seems to be the current model magotan accompanied charm, which Is Why the new Jetta launched soon after became the FAW – Volkswagen’s one heavy vehicle. 1.2T and 1.4T of EA211 engine, matching the golden combination of 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox, the cast of the new Jetta has a strong performance in the market.

VI Buick – Hideo

annual sales: 25.6837 ten thousand fell 6.3% year on year

as the United States Department of models, only Buick Hideo top ten finalIsts was not easy. Although Hideo because of the three-cylinder machine lead to consumer dIssatIsfaction, but the fact that Buick Hideo are equipped with three-cylinder engine has been increasingly recognized by consumers, not to mention sales of over 250,000 in the 2020 report Card, for the Buick family , its performance Is very eye-catching.

Seven public – Santana

annual sales: 24.4890 ten thousand fell -9.6% year on year

Santana, as a mass entry-level model and even classic Cars, Volkswagen Santana in the interpretation of the US Automotive hIstory Is a landmark work . After the iterative product updates, new Santana transformation not only achieve a younger, more family-oriented has superior strength lineup of top ten finalIsts, the achievements of the hearts of everyone “national god Car,” said.

VIII Honda – Civic

annual sales: 23.49330,000 an increase of 8.8%

Dongfeng Honda Car sales in the field of play, the Honda Civic top ten finalIsts lIst Is not surprIsing. As the Car has a high reputation and potential for conversion in the Car lap after the facelift after a small increase in annual new Civic sports atmosphere to maintain a high level of vitality, style fastback coupe styling to make it stand out in the Car circle. In addition, in terms of power, but also to the new Civic to market soon get “second-day air seconds to seconds” in the title, popular with young consumers.

Nine, Volkswagen – Passat

annual sales: 21.8506 ten thousand an increase of 30.8%

in the B-class Car market, the Passat has been a great power to send players, especially after the replacement, more vIsual aesthetic meet consumer . But the new Passat upgraded mediator in the test lab study recently, the safety index has been a lot of controversy user, refresh the knowledge of the Passat. But it did not affect its sales of short-lIsted the top ten sales lIst, the cumulative sales of over 210,000 units, up 30.8% last year, showing Passat performance in the B-Class Is still firmly occupy the hearts of consumers.

ten, Honda – Accord

annual sales: 21.7899 ten thousand, an increase of 24.7%

Speaking of Honda, had to TIA Court, the Accord since 1999 to enter the domestic market, witnessed the development and changes in U.S.’s Automobile industry. Today, the emergence of the tenth generation Accord, by virtue of their performance in the market firmly in the B-Car market occupy a place, the cumulative sales of over 210,000 units, up 24.7% last year, second only to the Passat. Easy to see, both in performance Class B market has a strong competitive edge.

Back in 2020, in the Automobile market Is not optimIstic about the situation, each brand of Car prices year-end sales of remarkable performance, can be considered to pay for the Automotive marketPay a satIsfactory answer. But last year’s sales charts in the compact Car point of view, Japanese and German brands a virtual monopoly on the lIst, of which the top ten players, there are five brands Volkswagen, the Volkswagen brand in the minds of consumers seen the highest proportion. In addition, the compact Car, the 100,000 price range in the US market’s attention the most fiery, I believe that in the next year, the heat remains.

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