Car safe driving methods do you really know? Look here the mystery Is over

How often should I rotate every tire, every oil change every 5,000 miles or change a tire should rotate once. Ignore tire rotation Is the main cause of premature tire wear. Is it really necessary intervals recommended by the manufacturer to replace the timing belt, yes. Many in the Auto timing belt failure can cause serious engine damage. The cost of repairing the damaged engine timing belt Is much higher than the cost of replacing the timing belt. If my “Check Engine” or “Service Engine Soon” light up what it meant. There are many sensors and computerized components can manage engine performance and emIssions from your vehicle. Car safe driving methods do you really know? Look here truth Is out.

wherein when a failure, “check engine” indicator lights. While your Car seems to be running well, but the important thing Is to solve the problem in order to prevent long-term problems or emIssions test failure. If my Car began to overheat, how can I do? ThIs Is a very serious problem – If your Car Is overheating too long, may damage the engine. As soon as possible to find a safe place to pull the road and turn off the engine! Do not try to check the radiator fluid level, because it Will burn you. The best way Is to move your Car to the repair shop.

What should I when an oil change? You should change oil change or oil change according to the vehicle owner’s manual recommended every 3,000 miles. If the interval Is extended, be sure to use oil to extend the mileage. What causes the engine oil milky, white oil, engine oil Is indicative of the coolant. ThIs may be due to the blowing head gasket (washer others), transmIssion cooler housing caused by rupture or failure. ThIs situation Is very serious and requires a quick check by qualified personnel. How to ensure my Car battery has a good electrical connection,

should be clean and inspect the battery terminals and cables to ensure that they provide a good electrical connection. What Is synthetic oil, the synthetic oil may be a high output, turbocharged or supercharged engine, a vehicle for towing ideal vehicle running under very cold or hot weather (especially in hot weather), or both. While synthetic oil than mineral-based oils several times more expensive, but can improve fuel economy and provide longer intervals between replacement. theyIt can also provide immediate lubrication at startup.

When should I replace the Car’s fuel filter, in order to ensure reliable, trouble-free performance, approximately every 30,000 miles a Car to replace the fuel filter clear or replace with instructions for use in accordance with the recommendations of the vehicle. When should I replace the spark plug, in order to maximize fuel economy and peak engine, your spark plugs should be changed every 30 months or 30,000 miles, replace one, unless your vehicle Is equipped with a 100,000-mile platinum spark plugs. When I need to replace the burned-out fuse, how can I do? Be sure to replace the burned-out fuse for the same current fuse (printed on the fuse), and note if the fuse continues to “blow”, you should by our professional technician check the circuit Is defective.

Just because your Car designer inspired no driver-side space, does not mean you can not be easily stored in the arm reach range. Use some tape, yogurt cups and other common items, you can own DIY Car consoles together, or spend more time and effort to make things smoother. Moreover, although not technically versatile DIY, but the dashboard sticky pad paste can be used as a very convenient place to store non-stick your gadgets.

apologize in advance if it Is like an overly harsh, as obsessed with Cars relatives, but with soap and spray a little time can save a lot of rags for you and later caused grunt of frustration. For example, cleaning the engine compartment make mechanic (and your own) easier to detect leaks, belts and hoses fracture and other problems, and you can get more from your cooling the motor work. View 74 more sensible tips to keep your Car in top form.

Few people think to waste time wandering in a huge parking lot than to find a look and other vehicles, like Cars. To prevent thIs problem, please take a photo of the Car and its surroundings, in order to quickly reposition when you come back. Forget to grab that picture? Your bracelet on your head, in order to enhance your alarm signal and find your ride. Still you can not find your wheels? Try some other proven techniques. Hate using the “panic” button the idea, not to mention the parking lot of Marco Polo game yet? Free to simply dIsable it quickly.