Car rust, stainless steel car prices Why not? Is it fear of life Is too long

I believe we all know, a lot of Cars in a few years after opening, it Is inevitable rusting may occur, such a vehicle Is often criticized by the consumer, once the JAC and Chery Automobile and other domestic brands because rusty influence events, sales plummeted. Some time ago wrote an essay, “obviously stainless steel Is the best material body, Why Car companies do not choose.” After reading the article I also found that stainless steel Is indeed a good choice, then Carefully studied and found that the seriousness of nonsense, small series for everyone to say today about Why Car companies do not have stainless steel.

“the use of stainless steel body, Auto service life Will be greatly increased, resulting in lower profits Car”, on thIs view, at first glance, it seems to be justified but the reality Is not so. In fact, new Car sales profits only a small portion of corporate profits, the majority still rely on post-maintenance, accessories sell to make money, so they took public, production years old Santana, and now by selling parts and maintenance, you get pretty good benefits.

using sheet metal painting Cars, for 20 years the body intact Is also a great Car that affect the life of the Issue Is actually not very tricky, after all Cars the age and emIssion standards and other related policies, such as the Car Is not broke, but accessories to life, maintenance costs are too high, absolutely no need for service.

The Car then Why not use stainless steel?

In fact, the Car does not use stainless steel, mainly because of solid stainless steel ductility and ability Is poor, bad plastic stamping, punching and many times difficult to meet require complex forming processes, Automotive body after all the processes are based on the solid capacity and ductility are also good cold rolled galvanized steel base material, after several press, in addition to forming the final reason Is that after the vehicle collIsion rub, stainless steel body Is difficult to be restored to the original plane shape.