Car: Porsche Cayenne evaluation, it has the advantage of cushions and seat comfort

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Car: PORSCHE Cayenne evaluation, it has the advantage of the comfort of the seat cushion and the

had just arrived in Canada, the new 2020 Porsche Cayenne apart in the second generation of the mid-size luxury SUV. Which Cayenne debuted in 2011, due to its attractive series, attracting a large number of customers, but also because of its available engine lineup Is impressive. I want to see what the new 2020 Cayenne Is made in the area north of Toronto, in thIs case Is the basic model. For Porsche Canada, thIs decoration more than 50% of sales in the country, it Is no surprIse they want to show it to media personnel.

Porsche Cayenne 3.0 really thrown before the model formulation. For example, the Volkswagen Group MLB platform Is completely new; it harder and more modern. The new SUV Is also longer, wider, and not as high as before, even though the wheelbase remains unchanged. These changes are reflected in the shape of the new Cayenne, the design did not like eight years ago, the second generation model as impressive. Remember that the initial version of the Cayenne for its unusual design and get a different rating.

In any event, the front end Is new Cayenne, it Is more powerful and new grid lamps. From the side, the 2020 Cayenne models look like the upcoming version, in addition to a thinner slice parking lights. When you move backward, the vIsual features of the recent Porsche models begin to make sense. In other words, the large lighting horizontal bar Is really great! More subtle changes in the wheel, the dimensions of front and rear wheels varies. Engineers also behind the widened track curve to improve the process.

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with a new base of the Cayenne 3.0L V6Engine, all aluminum chassIs lighter. But thIs, it Is supported by the turbocharger – total output power of 335 horsepower and torque increases to 332 lbs – ft. Used in connection with the previous eight-speed Automatic transmIssion of the engine, but thIs time instead of the Porsche apparatus using ZF transmIssions old love letter. Since the 2002 launch since the first Porsche, all-wheel drive Is still included.

As expected, the Porsche Cayenne’s interior has been upgraded, the model update. In thIs regard, the older Cayenne has been quite impressive, but it has been a long time. Now, although the overall atmosphere Is still entirely similar to the outgoing model, but there are a few worth noting improvements. Instrument panels, one side Is now a 12.3 inches large screen, while the center console finally bid farewell to its small buttons, support a solution that Is easier to clean, including: touch commands. We have seen thIs change in the recent Panamera, the Cayenne now got the same treatment.

even when the vehicle the first time I encountered the vehicle, I found infotainment system Is really easy to use, and it’s impressive reaction time profound. Although I do not have time to really remember the location of all orders placed around the gear knob, but I did not use their problems, especially since they are spaced very well. Incidentally, the gear knob Cayenne Is unique; I personally think it’s a bit too big. At the same time, the steering wheel grip comfort. Not surprIsingly, seat comfort and seat of the Cayenne Is a clear advantage, and it Is easy to find the ideal driving position.

Porsche total volume of the rear seat 770 liters increased, when the three parts 40/20/40 rear seat Is folded down, increases to 1,710 RIse. In general the quality, materials and structures to achieve the stringent standards set by previous Cayenne. The first day we tested the Ontario provincial conference was spent in the rainy sky and quite exciting trip. Despite the high attitude of the vehicle, but it can be said that Cayenne handled very well. In all road and weather conditions, vehicle dIsplays its internal quiet, smooth mechanical structure,Steering light weight.

On the other hand, V6 sound and did not let me win. Even the sport mode and electronic adjustments made to the settings Will not improve the music of the engine. As for transmIssion, although the performance was admirable in normal driving, but when accelerating through Will show some irregularities, especially in stop-go city traffic. Like many Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche products, press the accelerator you have to endure thIs delay. Over time, thIs Will become very annoying, especially since Porsche Is considered also a family Car, you can always pull the child.

Despite its weight, despite its greater engine power, despite the new transmIssion, the Porsche Cayenne in 2020 Is still more stable than before. Adequate acceleration, braking Is also very good, even a healthy bite, good suspension system. But the lack of a driver’s exciting, Cayenne previous iteration. Even small changes in appearance, the new Cayenne has also been significantly upgraded. It inspires confidence, comfortable and blame. More importantly, even if the mechanic can do more explosive, thIs large SUV can still be very fast climb speed limit.

Manufacturer by adding new standard equipment, such as a parking assIst system, LED headlights, larger alloy wheels, keyless entry and the like, proved the reasonableness of thIs growth. But in my opinion, one fact Is unavoidable: ThIs Is the first time the driver did not cause me a lot of excitement. Seeking luxury SUV confidence of Canadian consumers, Cayenne basic models must be included in the short lIst. But if you’re looking for an extra spark, then the sporty Cayenne S may be a smarter choice. It Is more expensive, yes, but its 434-horsepower twin-turbo V6 and additional ‘S’ adjustment to make it a more vivid choice.